Communication Matters

Learn. Adapt. Soar.

Our Objectives

TWBAT define the roles they play when working collaboratively

TWBAT apply their Compass Point's directions" in a Hackjam

TWBAT to create a collaborative vision for a school where adults collaborated for student success

Compass Points

North, South, East and West

Choose a "direction" based on the descriptions on the chart pad.

No one is always one "direction" so choose the predominant one.

Debrief Questions

What did you notice?

Where there any surprises?

How would you work with a learning style that got on your nerves?

How will knowing this help us collaborate better?

Framework Question for Today's Work

Framework Question for Today's Work:

How can we collaborate for student achievement?


Norms help us to be empathetic. Empathy builds trust. Trust builds teams.

Listen as a learner

Assume Best Intentions

Question all assumptions

Have fun!

The Costs of Poor Communication

What in the World?!

What do you see? Strictly Observations

What do you think?

How does this relate to communication/teams?

HackJam Curriculum