Plains States

By Jordan Perry


The plains states region is a large grassland region of central North America extending from the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba southward to Texas. Much of this the area is used for cattle and wheat ranching.


This region is located in the mid-west part of the united states making up a large portion of the US the states in this region are listed below.

  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota

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This region is mostly grassland with very hot summers and extremely cold and bitter winters. Large parts of this area have been converted to take advantage of wind power by adding turbines and alot of it has been converted for agricultural purposes also

Human environmental interaction

Humans have used this region for many things such as wind power, solar power, and agricultural purposes. To be more specific it has been used for cattle raising and planting crops such as wheat and cotton it has low pollution from human activity.


Due to the large amounts if agriculture in this region many things are produced and sold such as cattle, beef, milk, wheat, window power, solar power, cotton the goods produced here are usually sent to larger factories to be processed and then shipped off to wherever they are needed


This region depends on other countries and regions to get things like fertilizers, cattle, seeds, just to name a few things without interdependence on other regions this area would have a very hard time getting things needed. Many other regions are depending on this area to provide things like beef, wheat, and cotton.


Similar regions to this one would be regions with a large range of climate, large grassland areas, wind power usage, and large amounts of agriculture use such as cattle raising and farming.