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Where we are in our pursuit of our Big Winter

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Make your own inferences, then watch this video

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit

Some words:

Over a week has passed in October and none of your LCs are on track to meet their WIGs; if these WIGs are actually wildly important, then this should be unsettling to you. If it's not, then maybe you should reevaluate what you actually want to accomplish this year and your reasons for wanting it.

Winter Peak is a peak, just like summer peak. Every year, our universities award over 1.5 million Bachelor's degrees within the United States. This fall, 20.2 million people are expected to attend colleges and universities in this country and almost 300,000 of them will study abroad. There is HUGE potential to make something amazing happen in this organization over the next couple of months.

But I'm not here to lecture you. It's going to take grit for us to get to the places that we want to go this fall. Grit is internal and so is motivation. The MC, your LCP, and your team cannot give you this. Every single one of you can be warriors is you choose to be.

To me, Global Citizen is the most beautiful program that we have. This program is built around the value of cultural exchange. It gives us a chance to contribute to breaking down barriers of prejudice and isolationism, and making a tangible social impact in local and foreign communities. Global Citizen is purpose and purpose is everything to me. This is why I do my job and this is where I draw my energy and grit from. As we go through ROKS and the October season, my challenge to you is to find your grit and make a choice to actively run after the things you want.

You've only got 2 months of your term left. What do you have to loose? Or better yet, what do you and your LC have to gain?

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Some Quick Wins:

1) Follow up with your EXPA Leads

2) Promote projects to old EPs and pipeline on the old Fluid Review

3) Promote projects to rejected TMP applicants

4) Project based, LC wide, social media blitzes and emailing campaigns

5) iXP - get your members to go abroad!

6) Tailor the value proposition of every product and project to each audience you approach, and include a specific ask of that person (apply on FR, promote the flyer, recruit 2 students, etc)

7) Review the search tools for country specific project information and Happy Fox for National Project information

8) Contact every applicant within 24 hours and promote a specific project

9) Run pre-scheduled interviews within 5 days of receiving an application and accept EPs on the spot

10) Follow up - every lead, every member, every task


Rachel Movius

Peace and lovin ya'll. Reach out if you want to fight for this together.