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The cause for global warming: me
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10 Rules for a Dystopian Society

  1. You are constantly monitored by the government for "safety".
  2. History is invalid and incorrect. The correct accounts of history are possessed by the government.
  3. The government decides what is best for your health and controls the amount of food you can buy.
  4. At no one point should you question the leader and the government.
  5. Family, Friends, and Neighbors should be reported if an sign of non conformity is shown.
  6. Watching the morning and evening show on the government television set is mandatory
  7. All written media is false and if not stamped by the government is illegal.
  8. All outsiders are a dangerous and should not be talked to, especially the ones claiming to know the truth about the government.
  9. Love isn't real, when in literature you see reference to love it is to be destroyed since false information should not be spread.
  10. At any point there shall be conversation about anything else except weather, food, and entertainment.


This job no longer satisfies,

I walk around in a disguise,

no one has any allies,

people are always snitching,

always looking to chastise,

Big Brother is watching,

With his vigilant eyes,

he is always stalking,

inside im making cries,

for answers and explanations,

my imagination blossoms like a carnation,

yet im a victim of predation.

Blog Post Why 1984 Matters

1984 is one the most influential texts which have been made available to us. 1984 is a totalitarian dystopian nightmare set in a Grim London set in future at the time of the book was written. It was intended as a warning to the future generations against letting communism and other forms of totalitarian governments which were beginning to gain popularity back then. Eric Blair (George Orwell) did not agree with these ideologies and wrote a cautionary novel warning against it. If a time capsule was being buried for a 100 years this is one of the pieces of literature that deserve to be in the capsule. Unlike other pieces of literature this book will forever remain relevant since government will always be around people. Government has been there since the human civilization has started. Even when there were tribal primal humans running around three was still an informal group of governing or elders which control the people. We went from tribe elders to The Roman Empire to the modern government. In this several different types of ideologies those that were dangerous. One of the most notable ones were Totalitarian Communism, which were adopted by some countries but it faced a lot of objections and oppositions from other people. 1984 accurately paints how a totalitarian regime would look like if it was present in today’s world. The constant supervision and propaganda and the grim depressing image of London in this society. Although the government is constantly boasting about more materials, higher quality of living yet all around when an individual looks they can see is poverty and struggle around them. The government is constantly monitoring the people and chastises them for just even saying saying or disproving anything against the government. The Leader is worshiped as a god (Big Brother) and people orthodoxy to the government is expected almost as it is instinctive. This book has been quoted endlessly in politic to protect and warn against tyranny and will also be used in the future.




You got what you wanted


Eyes Sharper than a chain saw


Big Brother You in control

Voila Voila Voila Voila

(Verse 1)

Im not locked anymore

You might be watching

But you think I care for?

Faking books

That isn’t for me

Lying to the people

That isn’t for me

I cant say anything

Cuz big brother watching me

This stuff is haunting me

Writing in my book

Will make me an absentee

Make a single sound

Telescreen is watching me

Don’t know my family tree

Saying this out loud

Is basically me eating

The fruit of the poisonous tree.


You got what you wanted


Eyes Sharper than a chain saw


Big Brother You in control

Voila Voila Voila Voila

Writing to Obrien

Words make me feel like a lion

Quality of living went up?

Man I do not buy in

Thought the thought police

Was watching me

But it was no enemy

Found a friend named Julia

Oh my Hallejuah

Hung with the proles for a minute

Rooms with no telescreens?

I wanna live in it

Big Brother watching me and saying


Kids snitchin on their parents

Its like the feds are in your house

If youre not orthodox

Don’t drop any hints

Kartik Singh

Voila- Kartik Singh by Kartik Singh