CSF Email Meeting


Laser Tag @ M2 Battlesports in Newberry

    • ~30 minute drive. Meet at O’dome @ 1pm to carpool. Invite yo frans!! This is going to be awesome!

    • Close sign-ups on Saturday at Noon. (Elisa)

    • Since we didn’t ask 7 days in advance, we can’t use CSF money to pay for discounted rate. However, Joey has offered to use his own cash money and be reimbursed later in the week (You must get a receipt to give to Ashley.)

Little Sisters of the Poor @ 6:15pm in Lounge

  • Officer set up at 5:30pm- chairs, snacks, water, anything that the sisters need.

  • Bianca and Anna (or whoever is available)- Can you two buy snacks? Expect at least 15-20 people. Check our cubby first for what we have.

  • Advertise this as elections for CSF too so that people will come and vote!

Elections (It's here!)

  • Those nominated should have received an email from me! If there’s anyone else you would like to see serve next year, please tell give me their email and what position you’re nominating them for ASAP!

  • After Sister Carolyn talks, each candidate will give a 1-2 min spiel about why they should be in said position

  • Voting slips given out and collected. New officers announced. YAY! Excitement!!

Stations of the Cross

Elisa’s got this one. Any announcements, planning, etc. will come from her :). Just keep a look out on anything you can help her out with.

Other things:

  • Do we have the recording of Alex Olcese’s talk on Financial Planning? Can we have that up soon please :)

  • Bianca, could you kindly set up a poll for availability for our fellowship and our next meeting!

  • Be on the lookout for our next meeting. It will probably be our last! It will wrap up the year and have some other fun things!

Lastly... (Almost finished, I promise)

I’m super proud of all of you and your dedication to this team. I can’t believe the end of the year is almost here, but do not fear! A lot can happen in just a few weeks, and in even a moment, God can change hearts. Don’t underestimate the power of the little things that you do everyday. There is so much power and grace in the little acts that we offer to Our Lord throughout the day, so don’t let them go to waste! Let’s finish the rest of Lent, and the rest of this year for God’s greater glory!

Also, a little hope. Family (not just mine) has been on my heart lately. It takes a lot to have peace in the turbulence of family and friends, especially since we know exactly what they need: Jesus Christ. As much as we love them, Jesus loves them infinitely more and with greater fervor and intensity. Just rest in that. We can’t do everything to fix their problems, let alone our own! Be led by the Spirit of love and freedom! God desires your JOY!
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P.S. Please respond to this email with the following:

  • Yes/No to laser tag on Sunday. (See also Google Sheets on fb)

  • Yes/No to buy snacks for Thursday

  • Have any questions, message groupme or reply to this email!
Peace and Blessings dear friends,