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Hello September ... we're so, so very glad you're here!

We are into our second week and things are going great! The kids are settling in and are having fun playing, learning and getting to know their new friends. You guys are also doing pretty darn great: letting us know when your kiddo may be out or are sick, and signing in and out each day. Thanks for being so awesome!

Happy Wednesday parents … Thanks for being a part of our First Family!

This month, our color is red and our shape is a circle. We are also focusing on manners this month and the number one. Your kiddos will make such good friends at school, and we're helping them to treat their friends with kindness and love. Please reinforce 'please' and 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' at home!

Please bring fruit (bananas or oranges) or cheese for snack, if you are able!

A few pictures from our first week at First Kids. We've had such fun at school!