Friday Focus

Friday, December 11, 2015

You Have to Walk

It's All a State of Mind

The good news? We are getting two classrooms and a new restroom built at the rear of our two main hallways. The bad news? We're losing the side staff parking from the breezeway back during the construction process beginning January 1st for the second semester. We can park out front and in front of the gym, as well as the middle row in front of the administration building. It's all good, we got this. It's all a state of mind. Just plan to arrive a few minutes early to enjoy the walk. It'll be good for all of us, I bet we all lose weight! Here's another little video to help you feel better about our little walk. It's a video of a few high school students as they travel from their classroom to the cafetorium. It makes our little jaunt look like a walk in the park.

*The responses in the video do not reflect the actual opinions of these actors/actresses.
KHS Class to Cafetorium

Upcoming Dates

12/14 Vance Pod - Frontiers of Flight Museum

12/15 Boys Spinal Check (Boys)/Staff Christmas Party @ Nash - 3:45

12/16 Boys Spinal Check (Girls)/Mrs. Bassett's Retirement Party - Library

12/16 Guided Reading training - Sutton and Pinkston only

12/17 Stillwaters (6th grade)/Guided Reading training - everyone else

12/17 ARDS

12/18 Christmas Parties (Only one lunch with remaining students @ 11:00)

Congratulations to Nash's Teacher of the Year!

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*It is Mrs. Sanders, not Troy Aikman.