Spaulding Street Elementary News

Sharon M. Draper - Atheneum Books - 2010 - 295 pages

Lauren Wellman

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Character Description

Melody : Is the main character.

Mom : Melody's mom.

Dad : Melody's dad.

Mrs.V : Melody's nanny.

Penny : Melody's little sister.

Plot Summary

Out of my Mind is about a girl, named Melody she can’t talk, or walk. She struggles with many things she can’t got to the bathroom by herself, communicate very well, and she gets a lot of attention because of her disability. One day her mom took her to the a doctor so he could determine how intelligent she is. After all the tests were done, he told Melody’s mom Melody was retarded. She got really mad, she knew that Melody wasn’t retarded. She decided to enroll Melody in public school. Spaulding Street Elementary.

At school Melody got an aid named Catherine. Melody has to sit in a room that’s called room H-5, it’s a room for kids with disabilities. When she’s not in room H-5 she’s in her inclusion classes ( classes with ‘normal’ kids). Catherine asked Melody if she’d rather talk or walk, Melody said talk. So Catherine and Melody found something on the computer perfect for Melody, a media talker. When Melody got home she showed her mom the pictures, Catherine printed out of the media talker. Her mom told Melody she could get the media talker. After Christmas break was over Melody showed it off to everybody. Shorty after Melody got her media talker, Melody tried out for the school’s quiz team, she made it. There’s first competition was awesome they won. Next stop Washington D.C. on the day they were supposed to go to Washington, it was very crummy out. When they got to the airport the lady told them that the flight was canceled, because of the weather. Melody’s mom explained to her that Melody was on the quiz team. Then she told her that the quiz team got on an earlier flight.

The next day Melody was determined to go to school. Melody missed the bus, so her mom had to drive her. They were pulling out of the driveway and they felt a bump. The next thing you know you hear screaming, crying, and sirens from the ambulance that was coming to pick up Penny. Penny was fine except she broke her leg.


The conflict of the story is Melody can't talk. This is a problem because

Melody has so many things to say, but no way to say them.


" I have never spoken one single word. I am almost eleven years old...."

I chose this quote because this was the last sentence in the book. It also explains the conflict of the story.

Book Review

I have mixed feelings about this book there's a part of me that loves the book and a part of me that doesn't. I love it because it's a very kind and heartfelt story. But I don't like it because of how the book ends, it pretty much ends with Melody's little sister breaking her leg.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this book.

I give this book four stars.