Soccer Dodgeball

If you want to learn how to play Soccer Dodgeball read below


This game is a variation of dodgeball, but instead of throwing the dodgeball you kick the dodgeball. You can play this game with ages 10-14, Have a great time playing!!


  • 10 dodgeballs
  • Pinnies for the opposite teams
  • Bench (only for bench ball)


Be sure to not kick the ball at anyones face because it might resolve in that person being very hurt. Also when kicking the ball try to keep it low and try to hit them from the chest down to ensure that no one could get hurt.

How to set up Soccer Dodgeball

  1. First get 10 dodgeballs
  2. Next place the balls in the center of the gym evenly
  3. Get pinnies for the opposite team
  4. Start the game and have fun

How to play the game

Step one: Make sure that the game is set up right.

Step two: Line up in your team on opposite sides of the gym.

Step three: When the teacher blows the whistle run and get the dodgeballs in the middle of the gym with your feet.

Step Four: Pick a person you want to kick your ball at.

Step Five: Kick the ball at the person you wish to hit.

Step Six: If you hit them with the ball they are out and have to sit on the bench on the side.

Step Seven: If you are hit with the ball you are out and have to go sit on the bench also.

Step Eight: If the the person that hit you gets hit you are back in the game.

Have fun playing soccer dodgeball and make sure to only kick the ball not throw!!


Have a very fun time playing soccer dodgeball!! But make sure to be safe while playing it and remember to not hurt anyone. Be sure to check out the game variations below!

Game Variations

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