Count Camillo Cavour

by: Reem, Hudson, Julia, and Patrick

Political views

Count Camillo Cavour was from Northwest Italy in the region known as Piedmont, the most independent of the Italian states. He was the leader of Piedmont and promoted free trade, railway construction, expansion of credit, and agricultural improvement. His belief was that material and economic bonds could unite the Italian states, not romantic republicanism. He invented the nationalistic society and created chapters, or national societies, in other Italian states. The purpose of these was Italian unification under the leadership of Piedmont. In order to secede from Austria, they would need to ally with the French.

important events

  • The Crimean War
Cavour used this war to raise international awareness of Italian unification. He sent 10,000 troops to join the war. He used this participation to speak at the Paris Peace Conference.

  • War with Austria
Austria wanted Piedmont's army disbanded and Cavour twisted this to seem like an act of aggression against Piedmont and got French aid to beat Austria. At the same time this war was ensuing, the Italian states pledged unification with Piedmont, except Venetia and Rome.

the end

Cavour's role began to fade away as unification became more about military conquest, lead by Garibaldi, than nationalist revolution. In March 1861, Victor Emmanuel II was proclaimed King of Italy and Cavour died three months later.