Mont Saint Michel

Alexis johnson

The beginning

The once called Mont Tombe, and now called Mont Saint Michel. Was built sometimes in the 8th century. This monument has be around for quite some times. This monument was built in Pontorson, France. Mont Saint Michel has had many purposes in the past. Thanks to Willam De Volpiano the the mastermind of the creation. It has made it threw all of it.
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On that fact, Mont Saint Michel is a gothic style type castle.This monument is on a cliff side. It is very rocky and on a beach. The castle is just over the size of a football field. Also with the height of how high it is it can protect itself for powerful tide waves. This monument also got the nickname of "Wonder of the west" state wch.vesco.orglen/list/80.
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Strong hold

However, with the powerful walls of this landmark it was also a "strong hold of the Roman British culture and power until it got sacked by the franks" based on the passage Mont Saint Michel became said stronghold in the 6th and 7th century. During this it ended the trans-channel culture. After the war the landmark was owned by Neustria. Thus was in the roughly centuries of the 5th and 8th.
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The prison

Many centuries later Mont St. Michel became a prison, this centuries was the 11th."The abbey started to be used more regularly as jail during the Ancien Rēigme," according to The monument became a prison because it was a hold for "clerical opponents of the republican Rēgime (up to 300 priest at some point)" sited in The abbey also got the nickname of Bastille Des Mas, also known as Bastille of the sea. This prison holded many profile political prisoners such as Victor Dubourg Da La Cassange, Desforges Martin Bernard, Auguste Blanqui, and other influential figures. By 1863 the prison was closed down by Napolenon lll. After being closed down, 650 prisoners left to other prisons.
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Becoming Mont St Michel

Shortly after St. Michel stop being a prison. Someone of the name of a Bishop rented out the abbey. Later on the monument was declared as a monument historique in 1874. Many years later the site had become a world heritage site in 1974. It was listed as "criteria such as culture, historical, and architectural significance, as well as human created and natural beauty," stated in
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The holy place

As many years this historical monument has been around. You can see this place has made it threw it all the bad and good. You've heard how it's went from holy to a place none wants to be back to holy. This monument now a days is a big tourism place. And many more to come, to see all the wonders of Mont Saint Michel.