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Our weekly bulletin...

Each week, the Learning Team will circulate a bulletin covering all things Teaching and Learning at the Academy. Principally, the purpose of the bulletin is to keep all staff updated in terms of all the T&L news at DAA, as well as key events for your diaries connected with T&L.

Don't forget the T&L Breakfast.... WEDNESDAY MORNING in the 6th form hub

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Week 3 Focus: Displays for Learning

What's in it for me?

  • Ought to take time off planning and marking if structures are in place for students to feed back to each other
  • Routinise effective practice without bankrupting your department's photocopying budget

Magic Folders

When marking a set of books, students can often make similar mistakes, and Magic Folders offer a useful means of instructing the next step.

As on the picture, you can simply pin the folders to a noticeboard, and on each folder place a different colour dot (dirt cheap at Asda, or use a felt tip).

Inside each folder, you can place a range of follow up tasks.

As you mark books, it becomes much quicker to place a colour dot on a book that corresponds to a particular task rather than write the same thing 10/15 times. Most importantly, this offers a useful routinised means of students reflecting upon their work.

DIY Learning

As the picture suggests, you could also use a wall with key phrases that students should use when they are feeding back to each other and also reflecting upon their own learning. Often, students haven't developed the meta language to discuss these kinds of things, so offering a scaffold is a useful means of regularly ensuring this process is taking place in your classroom.

Thinking Tools and Organisers

According to research- especially Geoff Petty in his Evidence Based Teaching book- Thinking Tools can have a significant impact on student attainment, as they offer a useful means of assimilating information in a variety of different ways. This can be as simple as prioritising the importance of points, or even simple cause and effect, but offering students the chance to digest and assimilate information encourages independence of thought as well as ensuring that knowledge is applied in the classroom.

You could have a number of these on your walls to offer student to chance to pick Tools for a range of tasks (or you can direct). A number of different tools can be found here and templates for wall displays can be found here.

Further reading...

Dates for your diary...

DAA Literacy Teachmeet

Thursday, Oct. 3rd 2013 at 4-6:30pm

Learning Commons, DAA

On Thursday 3rd October, teachers are invited to take part in the first official Teachmeet at Dixons Allerton Academy. Teachers from around Leeds and Bradford are coming to see our new building for the first time to share ideas in relation to an age old problem...

‘How can we encourage individual reading and writing styles in our students?’

To sign up, please add your details here. If you don’t want to do a talk, that’s fine, just leave the last column blank!

Blogging and Weebly as an E-Learning Launchpad

Thursday, Oct. 3rd 2013 at 3:45-5pm


This workshop will offer you the chance to setup your own free e-classroom in order for students to access key materials and support both in and out of the classroom

Hosted by ASA and DCR

Advanced Whiteboarding...

Thursday, Nov. 7th 2013 at 3:45-5pm


Hosted by SOR/PBS, this workshop will offer the staff the chance to take their whiteboard and visualiser skills further to enhance the learning in your classroom.

Taxonomy of Errors for Leaner (not Meaner!) Feedback

Thursday, Nov. 28th 2013 at 3:30-5pm


Hosted by ASA/DCR, this workshop will demonstrate a new method of feeding back to your classes to make life easier and more efficient for your own teaching, and, more importantly, enhance the independence of your students in terms of acting on feedback and moving forward.

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