Valentine's Day Lunch!

Hello Parents!

On Friday, February 12, we will be having a Valentine's Day lunch in the classroom! Typically, on Valentine's Day people go out to nice restaurants with the people whose company they enjoy. In our classroom, since we enjoy each other's company so much, we are going to have a nice lunch to celebrate each other and the community that we have built this year. We have a wonderful group of parents who will be supplying desserts for the children that day. We are going to decorate the room to simulate a fancy restaurant and the students are going to eat lunch as they practice the manners they learned from Mrs. Dechant last month at our etiquette lesson! We will be going to the Biltmore house very soon, so I think this is a great time for the students to prepare for the nice lunch that they will have there! We will also be exchanging Valentine's cards/treats at this lunch. I have included our class list below. Thank you for all of your support and I am excited to enjoy this lunch with the kids!


Our Class List:

1. Burns Aldridge

2. Evie Bick

3. Ben Campbell

4. Dazya Dean

5. Ava Deboer

6. Patterson Dew

7. Tao Fisher

8. Keyshawn Hammonds

9. Sophie Kafka

10. Annalyse Kent

11. Annabelle Lastur

12. Jackson Lee

13. Chase Locascio

14. Wiley Michel-Eaton

15. Mishonte Mills

16. Brady O'Connell

17. Derontae' Patton

18. Maddy Peeples

19. Grace Powell

20. Emily Rowell

21. Hank Schuelke

22. Lucas Suhren

23. Grant Sullivan

24. Xavier Vargas

25. Kennedy Wilson

26. Maysa Winton