Wasting water

water is needed so don't waste it!

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wasting water

what causes people to waste water?

The causes of people to waste water is misusing the water. Drinking too much water is another cause. Another cause is wasting food. Food has water involved, so that counts as wasting water if you waste it.

what are the effects of wasting water?

One of the effects of wasting water is DEATH! Another effect is less water. Another effect is NO FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another effect is global extinction. The last effect is the would be another lifeless planet.

why is it a problem?

It is a problem because we are losing water. one reason is less water to use for food. The next reason is less to use. The next reason is lifeless planet. The last reason is we will stop living.

how can we stop it?

One way is to conserve Water. Another way is to save water. The next way is to save food. A good way is to stop taking to much. The last way is to change.

what happens if we change?

One thing is that we have more food. Another thing is that we have more to work with. The next thing is that we will survive. Another thing is that we shall have a planet full of life.