Giving Back to the Community

Peter Peretti


Why Volunteer?

This article gives several reason as to why a person should give back to their community. This article also includes the limited but not few benefits that are associated with the extra help.

The Importance of Giving Back

This website illustrates the importance of reinvesting your time into the community. Giving back not only benefits the community that is being helped, but it also benefits you as a whole.


Student Volunteering

This article focuses on saving resources and utilizing yours. Volunteering not only brings one another closer but volunteer work also reduces stress.

Giving Back is Important

This source gives insight to volunteering, many of its reasoning includes making change and giving a voice to the rest of the community. Another reason for volunteering includes but is not limited to creating more networks between one another.

Give Back

This article discusses the benefits of volunteering, mainly focusing on the development of newfound and useful skills. More than likely, many of those who volunteer feel good for helping those who need it.

Major Goal for Businesses

This article illustrates how businesses find volunteer work crucial for both marketing and resources. A community-minded business will reap benefits from its charitable mindset.

Volunteering in the News

Community Service

Only a generation ago, community service was solely seen as juvenile punishment. Over the years, more and more students are partaking in community service because it increases their chance to receive scholarships or is a requirement for graduation.

The Benefits of Volunteerism

This article focuses on the benefits of volunteering and how volunteering is a relatively new thing. Generations before us do not remember volunteering because they didn't, schools and society are only recently pressing us to help our community.


The following ideas are way on how to give back to not only your but every community:

- Volunteering at an animal shelter

- Organize a clothing sale

- Paint a mural

- Help maintain at a community garden

- Bringing your pet to a nursing home

- Volunteer at a day care, church, or YMCA

- Help out in a bake sale

- Tutor a child in need of educational help

Local Organizations

Morning Star Mission

This local organization offers several opportunities to help those who are in need. Whether you are looking for volunteering at the local food kitchen or even delivering supplies to those who request it.

Symphony of Joliet

This local senior citizen home offers children opportunities to help the elderly. The activities director organizes in building events to help entertain and bond with those who would like it.


There are many organizations that require volunteers to not only spare their time, but are in also in need of their money and energy. Some of these organizations are but are not limited to: nursing homes, food pantries, churches, day cares, and many other independent organizations.

Quotes of Merit

Winston Churchill

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Jeff Warner

"We are not put on this earth for ourselves, but are placed here for each other. If you are there always for others, then in time of need, someone will be there for you."


The following words are associated with both community service and charities:

- Agency: a business or organization to provide service (YCN)

- Benefit: when you gain good from something

- Charities: a group that typically gives money to a cause

- Community service: volunteer work to help people in a particular area

- Contribute: to give time, goods, or money to those in need

- Foundation: an organization that raises money for a charity

- Donate: to give money or goods to people in need

- Cooperation: people working together to accomplish the same goal

- Donation: a contribution to a charity

- Donor: an person who gives money to a charity or organization