By : Denisse Carrillo


Well Green is left on her own since her family dies in a terrible disaster. Green is fifteen years old and is haunted by loss and the past. Struggling to survive physically and emotionally in a place where nothing seems to grow and ashes are everywhere. Destroying her feelings, she also begins to destroy her self. Green didn't want to feel anything because if she did it'll make her sad.


1. Brambles- a prickly scrambling vine

Book: " The brambles that had caught in my long black hair." page15

My sentence: The branches of the trees slithered overhead while brush and brambles.

2.Looters- anything taken by dishonesty force, stealth

Book: " Who came must have assumed they had freedom to do whatever they pleased." page 22

My sentence: After the hurricane, before law was restored, looters stole everything.

3.Embers- a small live piece of coal, wood, as in a dying fire

Book: "Flew in through the open windows and set the end s of my hair on fire. page 16

My sentence: The wax is often heated in a little pot resting in hot embers.

While I was reading...

The question I thought about was why would they leave Green all alone because she was shy.

I think what may happen next is that Green is going to have regret because she didn't say goodbye.

As I was reading I pictured how sad and depressed she was because the lost of her family.

I made a connection to self when I read it because I know how it feels to be lost.

S.T.E.A.L. Characterization

1. Green says:" I was Green with long, dark hair and my endless patience."

2: Green thinks:" Is that Green? And I would say, yes its me I've been here all along but you're too blind to see."

3.Green makes others feel: " Onion followed and lay shivering in my lap."

4. Sister does: "I'll bring you something special Aurora promised."

5. Green looks:" Moody, dark weed; still they called me Green because of my talents in the garden."