Job Description

Advice workers provide free, impartial and confidential advice and information to their clients on a wide range of issues. Some act as general advisers covering legal and financial topics such as debt, housing, employment, welfare and education. Others specialise in just one area and offer expert advice. This will usually be in a topic that requires in-depth knowledge such as immigration or homelessness.

Typical Activities

The work carried out by advice workers is varied, but typically falls into six broad categories: information, advice, referral, mediation, representation and administration.

Salary And Conditions

Starting salaries typically range from £16,000 to £23,000.At senior level, salaries range from £23,000 to £36,000.Starting salaries may be higher for advice workers joining local authorities or academic institutions

Entry Requirements

There are no formal degree requirements for those wishing to enter advice work, although many people do possess degrees and postgraduate or professional qualifications.The following subjects may be helpful:advice studies, business and/or finance, community studies/cultural studies/youth studies, education, law, politics, psychology, social administration/social policy/social work, sociology.
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