Mrs. Kirkutis's Weekly Memo

October 2, 2015

Greetings Families! This week students will be working on recounting fictional texts. Recounting is basically retelling the important parts of the story. Students will also learn about the different genres of stories including: myths, folktales, fairy tales, and fables. They will learn the characteristics of each so that they can distinguish them and tell them apart. We will mostly focus on fables and folktales. In Fundations, students will continue to practice looking for words with long vowel sounds. These vowel sounds can be spelled any way. For example, long a can be spelled ai, ay, eigh, ei, and a-e. In math, students will be using mental strategies to make 10 to help them add and subtract. This reinforces their understanding of why we make jumps to the nearest 10 number when possible on a number line. In social studies, we have begun our community project. Students will read and learn about the different places, people, and characteristics of communities. In writing, students continue to practice writing opinion pieces. They must have an opening statement, a reason to support their statement, and an example to explain their reason. Lastly, Mrs. Burche, the school psychologist, will be working with the second grade on social skills. She will speak with students about whole body listening, following rules, being respectful, improving self image, and problem solving. She will conduct discussions and activities around each topic. Thanks and have a great weekend!