High School English-Lit

January 6, 2016 Class 17

For Students:

Fix It Video week 17

We are one week behind your homework sheet. This week we will only do lesson 17 for Fix-It.



The Help Vocabulary Quiz Next Class

Back in the fall you were given a vocabulary sheet for The Help. Most likely you have it stored in your finished work in your notebook. If by chance you should not be able to put your fingers on it, below are pictures of the list.
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For Parents:

Excellent Progress

As we begin the new semester, I'd like to take a moment to let you know how encouraged I am by the writing coming from these students! The last day of class in December students wrote an in class essay on "The Necklace." Students were able to think through a prompt, pick out illustrations from the text to back up points, and include analysis all in a nice tidy essay! It was a treat to read these!

For homework this week, students will be writing two news articles that include bias! This assignment. should lend itself to lots of creativity and be a nice change from all the analysis writing.

Wendy Blankinship

High School English-Lit Class

Wednesday 2015-2016


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