Where is this country?

Turriaco (Turiàc in the local dialect) is an Italian country of 2,733 inhabitants in the province of Gorizia in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It is the heart of Bisiacaria.

How did turriaco?

Although the territory was already inhabited before , the first appearance of the name " Turriaco " is found in a document of 1224 , where Patriarch Gregory of Montelongo invests its funds in trust and other Turriaco locations . Belonged to the Patriarch of Aquileia until 1420 , after the country came under Venetian rule , precisely accounts Priuli. Turriaco , poorly defended from Venice , suffered a first invasion of the Turks in 1472 , others in 1477 and 1478, the last in 1499 . During the same period, the population is marked by epidemics, famines and floods caused by the overflowing of the Isonzo . Further losses are due to the German occupation following the war between Venice and Germany in 1508. Until the Convention of Verona January 2, 1520 the whole area suffers constant attacks , with the Concordat of Worms the entire territory of Monfalcone passes back to Venice. In 1617 the Venetians do build a bridge near the Isonzo Turriaco , in order to move towards Monfalcone Allied soldiers . The bridge was destroyed a few years later, it seems to retaliation by a count and his good banished from Venice. At the end of the seventeenth century accounts Priuli initiates the construction of the building still exists.

what can Turriaco offer?

Worthy of mention the eighteenth century parish church of San Rocco, with a beautiful ceiling frescoes by Matteo Furlanetto in the early years of the nineteenth century and a fine altar in late Baroque style, dating from around the mid-seventies of the eighteenth century. In front of the church stands Villa Tiberio Priuli, built in the baroque period .

In the immediate vicinity of Turriaco, in the locality Cassegliano , is located in a beautiful neo-classical style, the palace Prandi, surrounded by a large park.

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