12 Angry Men

By Reginald Rose

Juror #9

Juror #9 is a very old man, it says he is about 75. And other than that there is not really that much information about him. Honestly, he doesn't even make that big of an impact on the case until the end when talks about the glasses.


it seemed like he didn't have much to live for anymore. You can see that best when he talks about the old man who was the ear-witness. He just seems like a man defeated by the world and doesn't care what happens to himself. He's almost just sitting, waiting to die alone.



Well for some dumb reason I got assigned jury duty. It was a murder case, a kid killed his father. At the beginning everyone was voting guilty and I'm not sure how I felt about the case but I just voted guilty with everyone else. But then this guy was speaking out against everyone else, I changed my vote and kept quiet for awhile until some evidence came up about some glasses I totally nailed it and made that one jerk change his vote.


Juror #9 didn't really speak out that much he was the first to change his vote and pretty much kept quiet until the important evidence about the glasses came up then the old man spoke his mind and helped juror #3 change his vote.