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A Tragic Day in a Heated Verona

When two families clash over a matter of pride, there are bound to be consequences. Such consequences were the loss of one member from each family, Tybalt (Capulet) and Mercuctio (Montague) when a bloody brawl broke out between the two valiants in the Verona's streets earlier today.

Teasing and Leaving

The incident began in the streets of Verona, when the Montagues and Capulets reportedly crossed paths. Apparently the Capulets approached the Montagues with Tybalt leading, clearly prepared for a standoff. It's reported the two sides began with witty insults and teasing, but it quickly escalated after Romeo's arrival. Eyewitnesses report Romeo was calm and eager to reach some sort of an agreement with Tybalt, speaking passionately and openly to him. In response it is said Tybalt labelled him a villain and the tensions only rose from there.

Such tensions were the teasing insults Mercutio volleyed at Tybalt, attempting to enrage him. After the game was over, Mercutio apparently drew his blade, as did Tybalt. Romeo then attempted to convince Mercutio to lower his blade, but to no avail.

Inevitably the brawl began but then Romeo stepped in between the two, insisting on the Prince's request to ban fighting on the streets.

It took a turn for the worst, as under Romeo's arm, Tybalt plunged his blade into Mercutio and reportedly fled with his followers.

The result was a grieving, anguished Romeo and an angered, bleeding Mercutio.


The bloodshed was not over yet however, as the next day Romeo apparently returned, with vengeance on his mind.

Witnesses say he approached Tybalt slowly, sword drawn. A brief exchange of words and the standoff began. Tybalt was the one to fall this time, however.

Later on, Tybalts body was discovered by the Capulets and the ever honest Benvolio explained to the Prince what he had seen, although he was reportedly rather biased toward Romeo.

The Prince was not swayed by Benvolio's tale however and proceeded to banish Romeo from Verona forever, threatening him with death if he were to return.

Final Thoughts on the Matter

This incident only further proves that pride and wit only go so far in a city like Verona.
Especially when two families clash through such things.
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This column was written by James Lovegrove 9N and you can find more of his work by clicking on the link HERE

Expect cultural observations and cynical remarks.