Watershed &Ocean Ecosystems

Ways Humans Affect Oceans & Watershead Plus. Neg.

Over Fishing

Over fishing is when fish are being fished too fast for them to reproduce. Scientists are helping with this problem, by regulating how much fish they can fish.


pollution can cause litter to get in the ocean from runoff. We can help this by picking up trash, so the ocean animals can live.

Here are some pictures that show over fishing and pollution!

Oil And Gass

oil and gass

Oil and Gass cause dead zones in coral reef, that is when the coral looses all life and color. What we can do to help the homes of sea animals we can create artificial reefs, by sinking ships and loosing the old oil tubes.

The ways we can get involved

When you come together in your community you can change the world. What thing you can do is pick up trash any where you see it. You can also get with an organization that sinks ships or other stuff that makes artificial reefs.