February Newsletter

A Note from Mr. Jennings:

Dear KG Parents,

I want to thank all the parents that have contributed by providing feedback on our 5-Essentials survey. This mandated survey, by the state of Illinois, does provide the school valuable data that the district and building leadership teams utilize in our continuous improvement process. The various aspects of the survey including building leadership, environment, and academic rigor all contribute in helping make Kelvin Grove a better, stronger school for your kids. This survey is also a major contributor to our annual school rating by the Illinois State Board of Education. Our goal is to achieve the highest rating possible, Exemplary.

Students completed the second benchmarking period of the district’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment in the middle of January. Each student created individual goals during their advisory period in the content areas of reading and mathematics, based upon their fall MAP RIT score. This process has a dual purpose. First, students become more aware of their own academic progress, and it will also foster a growth mindset in students. Having a growth mindset is designed to bring an awareness of one’s own talents and with the belief through hard work they can develop them further. We will be celebrating our students’ success on Friday, February 7th at our annual growth assembly at 8:45 am. I hope to see many of you there to celebrate with us. Students will create their end of the year goals this month and that celebration is scheduled for the last student attendance day in May.

Part of our school’s improvement plan, we are focused on fostering grit. We have several activities including guest speakers coming in to speak about their stories of how perseverance paid off for them. Learning is not an easy task and takes hard work. All kids will be faced with a challenge which will take more effort, frustrate them, and even fail at multiple times. Students that are successful will have the ‘stick-with-it-edness’ to cross the finish line, no matter the amount of attempts it takes to get there.

Half the school year has come and gone already, and we are starting to prepare for the next school year in some aspects. The school calendar for 2020-2021 will be finalized this month and shared with parents after the February Board of Education meeting. I hope everyone’s 2020 has started in great fashion. I’m just glad to be gaining a few more minutes of sunlight each day, even though the temperatures aren’t quite where I prefer them to be. Hopefully, the groundhog will not see his shadow on February 2nd resulting in an early spring!


John Jennings


Full Day Kindergarten for 20-21!

The Lockport School District 91 Board Of Education is pleased to announce their approval of full day kindergarten at Milne Grove School for the 20-21 school year!

In order to project staffing, we are requesting prospective kindergarten students register by April 1, 2020.

Beginning on February 24th, online registration will be open through our Infinite Campus portal; simply visit our website on the 24th or after to access information and forms. Kindergarten round-up will be offered March 19, 2020 at Milne Grove for those families that need registration assistance.

Please contact Mrs. Koziol at jkoziol@d91.net with your full day kindergarten questions or to join our kindergarten email list.

Notice of Public Calendar Hearing:

Lockport District 91 will hold a public calendar hearing on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. in the Kelvin Grove LRC regarding the proposed 2020-2021 School Calendar. The proposed calendar includes attendance on President Lincoln's Birthday and Veterans Day. Testimony from educators and parents regarding the proposed 2020-2021 school calendar will be taken during the hearing.
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A Letter From The School School Nurse

Flu season is in full swing! Influenza B seems to be prevalent, as of late.

The flu is spread by droplets from coughing, sneezing or talking. If your child is experiencing flu-like symptoms, please keep them home and call their absence into the attendance line. You may be contagious from 1 day before symptoms arise to 5-7 days after symptoms subside.

Symptoms of the flu include:

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Sore throat

  • Runny or stuffy nose

  • Body aches

  • Headache

  • Chills

  • Fatigue

  • Vomiting and diarrhea (more common in children than adults.)

Prevent the spread of the flu by:

  • Getting vaccinated

  • Wash hands often with soap and warm water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.

  • Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze and throw the tissue in the trash after it has been used. Then wash your hands with warm water and soap.

  • If your child is sick with flu illness, try to keep him or her in a separate room from others in the household, if possible

  • CDC recommends that your sick child stay home for at least 24 hours after his or her fever is gone, except to get medical care or for other necessities. The fever should be gone without the use of a fever-reducing medicine.

  • Staying away from people who are sick

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Clean and disinfect hard surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs, including bathroom surfaces, kitchen counters and toys.


  • Should your student miss 4 consecutive days of school, they will need a doctor’s note to return to school, per district policy. Please contact the school nurse with any questions.

  • Continue to contact the school nurse with any changes in your child’s medications or the development of any health concerns throughout the school year. It is important that the health record is kept current.

  • As winter continues on, many children are arriving with coughs, sore throats, and colds. The nurse is unable to give medication and cough drops without a signed medication authorization form from a parent/guardian. These forms can be found on the district website or in the office. This policy include Tylenol/Motrin, cold and cough medicine, cough drops/cough syrup, etc. Please remember to send the medication in the original packaging.

  • Please continue to send your child to school with appropriate outerwear, including: coats, hats, gloves, scarves. Dressing for the weather will also assist in remaining healthy!

  • Miles of Smiles will be coming to Kelvin Grove on April 16th; forms will be sent home in the coming weeks.

  • I am still missing some current 6th grade and new student dental forms - they are due May 15th.

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4th and 5th Grade Guidance

I hope your family enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and caught up on some rest and relaxation! As we are beginning a new year at school, we will also begin new units in guidance classes.. Fourth grade classes are beginning a unit about Problem Solving. The Problem Solving Unit will introduce a problem solving model using STEP as an acronym for remembering the process.

Say the problem (without blame)

Think of solutions (safe and respectful)

Explore consequences (what could happen if…)

Pick the best solution (make your plan)

Fifth grade classes are taking a break from the Second Step lessons and are going to be learning more about feelings and managing them. We will be grouping feelings into four ̈Zones of Regulation ̈ represented by colors. The Blue Zone represents feelings that make your body move slowly (i.e., sick, tired, sad, etc.). The Green Zone represents feeling associated with readiness to learn and listen (i.e., happy, calm, focused, etc.). The Yellow Zone represents feelings that are associated with some loss of control (i.e., anxious, frustrated, silly, etc.) and the Red Zone represents feelings that are associated with the greatest lack of control (i.e.., furious, terrified, elated, etc.). We will also be learning more strategies for managing these feelings in addition to the three strategies we learned in the Second Step lessons (breathing, counting, and positive self-talk).

I hope you are seeing benefits from the guidance program as you encourage your children to practice positive life skills at home. As always, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding the Guidance program, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!

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Parent Liaison/Student Interventionist/Problem Solving Coach

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We are so excited to be partnering with Bridges to a New Day. Bridges to a New Day, nfp, is a charitable organization whose mission is to provide prevention, intervention and educational services which foster non-violence in the lives of children and adults. This month we will begin our 10 WEEK small group sessions. A parent permission slip has been sent home for those students who have been invited to join the groups.

Our goal will be to teach the students to:

· discuss their concerns more easily with you

· gain self-confidence and awareness of leadership skills

· develop positive skills for working and playing with others

· accept responsibility for school work and homework

· identify areas for personal growth and improvement

If you would like more information regarding the program, please email lburnette@d91.net.


  • Students have been reading short stories from our Basal reader. They have also been learning vocabulary using the Word Wisdom series and have been practicing comprehension strategies using our Making Connections series.

  • Students should be practicing spelling words for the tests on Wednesdays.


  • Students have been learning about fractions.

  • Please work with your child on fact fluency.

  • Students can use the think central online component of the Go Math Series to practice concepts learned.


  • Students have been learning about energy transfers.

Social Studies

  • Students have been learning about the Northeast region of the United States.

Please check your child’s agenda, home folder, and teacher website daily.

5th Grade

Students will start participating in the GREAT program Officer Szmergalski soon . Officers Szmergalski and Brauch will visit the fifth grade classrooms once a week for six weeks educating the children on bullying, being a bystander and gangs.

We will be starting our next novel, The Cay. It is set during WWII, and is about a young boy who gets separated from his mother while trying to escape the war and becomes blind.

In science we are learning about the water cycle, and in social studies we are learning about the original 13 colonies.

Please continue working with your child and checking their agenda on a daily basis. Our websites are updated daily. Weekly emails are sent as well informing parents of what is going on in our classrooms and any upcoming tests or important information for the week. Please visit thinkcentral.com to practice any of the math lessons we are covering. Students know how to access and maneuver around the site. If any questions should arise, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher. Also, please continue practicing basic math facts with your child.

Thank you,

Fifth grade teachers

4th and 5th grade PE

During the month of February, we will be finishing up our volleyball unit. We will then learn the skills of floor hockey and learning how to play in a game. We will be learning the skills of hockey and start our tournament for the hockey unit.

4th & 5th Grade Technology Class

4th & 5th Grade Technology Class- Mrs. Lakics

In technology class 4th and 5th grade students have started their coding centers which is an extension of Hour of the Code which KG participated in during Computer Science Education Week (December 9-15). Take a look at all the different centers below and find out more information by clicking on the links. Please visit Mrs. Lakics’ website for more information and ideas- mrslakicstechnologyclass.weebly.com.

4th Grade

Center #1 Tynker

Center #2 Sphero

Center #3 OSMO- Coding Awbie

Center #4 Unplugged Ozobot

5th Grade

Center #1 Tynker

Center #2 Sphero

Center #3 OSMO- Coding Jam

Center #4 Unplugged Ozobot

-Mrs. Lakics

Technology Teacher

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Jr High CAD

We have been reading folktales and tall tales. The exaggerations are hard to understand! In Science, we have been learning about erosion and canyons, how water travels from high to low, and completed a couple fun experiments on rocks, how water moves and changes them. Next we are working on simple machines. In Math, we worked on graphing, money skills and fractions. Some are moving onto 3 digit adding and subtracting.

6th Grade

Sixth grade students have recently completed the Winter portion of MAP testing. Students set goals earlier in the year and will be reflecting on if they’ve met their goal or not. The PBIS incentive this month is the Bowling Trip at the end of the month. The requirement is no F’s on the Trimester 2 midterm report card. Students are encouraged to continue to check their grades online for the most up to date assignments and grades. Students are regularly assigned both homework and long term projects that need to be completed on time. Teacher Websites, Google Classroom, and your student’s agenda are all excellent resources to see what assignments are due when.

6th grade Technology Class

6th Grade Technology Class- Mrs. Lakics

Students in 6th grade technology class have learned the importance to be aware that people and situations online are not always as they seem. Students practiced figuring out what is real and what is fake in order to be safe online. Key signs of potential scams students learned during the be internet alert lesson were (1) If statements about “winning” or getting something for “free” feel too good to be true, they most likely are, (2) Fair exchanges shouldn’t involve giving away any personal information, (3) Alwasy think critically before acting online and learn to trust your intuition.

Students were able to wrap up what they learned by playing Reality River on Interland.

-Mrs. Lakics

Technology Teacher

7th Grade

Students are getting back into the swing of things after Winter Break. We have completed our MAP testing and are reviewing the results, comparing them to the goals students set and setting goals for the next MAP test.

Students are continuing to work with Sadlier, please see the weekly emails to track what unit students are working on. We are continuing to work on short stories in our textbook and reading through our novel studies. Students are completing their research papers, they will be turning in their final drafts soon.

In Science, students are learning about their sensory receptors and how they work together with our brain and nerves to allow us to react to certain situations. Please continue to check the weekly email for more details. In Social Studies, students are reading through the United States Constitution, studying and preparing for their mini Constitution quizzes. Please continue to check the weekly email for more details.

In math, February is going to kick off our unit on geometry! What better month is there to try to whip students into shapes. Module eight will focus on modeling geometric figures. Module nine will be focusing on circles and applying geometry to solve real world problems!

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7th Grade Technology Class

7th Grade Technology Class- Mrs. Lakics

Students in 7th grade technology class have learned that good and bad news travels fast online and can have some lasting consequences. Students participated in different activities where they learned how to be internet smart and share with care when online. Key responsibilities student learned when communicating online were: (1) Have thoughtful sharing by treating online communication like face-to-face communication (if it isn’t right to say do not post it), (2) Have guidelines about what kind of communication is and isn’t appropriate, (3) Keep personal details about family, friends, and themselves private.

Students were able to wrap up what they learned by playing Mindful Mountain on Interland.

-Mrs. Lakics

Technology Teacher

8th Grade


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop: https://www.sadlierconnect.com/@1952592

The students continue to read selections from the Literature text. Recent lessons have focused on internal and external conflicts. The students will begin the novel study for To Kill a Mockingbird.

Journal writing is done on a regular basis. Vocabulary study continues with the online Sadlier Connect program.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Discovery Education

Online Textbook: http://www.discoveryeducation.com/

United States History (Civil War to Present)

World War I - Students will explore the causes of WWI, America’s involvement in WWI and how the United States asserted itself as a world power. They will also study the social, cultural, economic and technological changes that occurred after the end of WWI.

SCIENCE -StemScopes

Online Textbook:http://stemscopes.com/ (login with school email and password)

In Earth Science, students will continue to examine the geologic history of the Earth by exploring what past geoscience processes can tell us about Earth’s past and help us predict its future. Areas of study will also include plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes and seafloor spreading. Students will also be designing and building a structure using materials provided in class to be tested on an earthquake table.

MATH - Go Math

Online Textbook:https://my.hrw.com/ (login with school email and password)

In Math we will begin working on the Geometry portion of the curriculum. Unit 4 covers Transformational Geometry. In this unit, we will look at the mathematical effects of moving a geometric shape around the coordinate plane by four methods. The first method is Translation, or the act of moving from one location to another. From there, we will look at the effects of Reflection, which is like looking at an object in a mirror. The third method of Transformation is Rotation, which is like spinning the object around a single point on an axis. In the first three methods of Translation we will also look at the property of congruence, which determines if two objects have the same size and shape.

The final method of Translation is Dilation. In Dilation, the size of the shape is either increased or decreased. In this process of increasing or decreasing the size, we will also explore the property of similarity. Two objects are similar when they have they same shape, but are of different proportional sizes.

Junior High PE

During the month of February, we will be finishing up our volleyball unit. We will then learn the skills of floor hockey and learning how to play in a game. We will be learning the skills of hockey and start our tournament for the hockey unit.

8th Grade Technology Class

8th Grade Technology Class- Mrs. Lakics

Students in 8th grade technology class have learned that they have a digital footprint, which can be searched, shared, and seen by a large, invisible audience. Students now have the understanding that they can take some control over their digital footprint by thinking about what they post online. Students participated in a group activity where they had to examine the blog posts, photos, and profiles of two fictional host applicants for a TV show called “Trillion Dollar Footprint” and decide which host would make a more honest host who works well with others. Student now know that what they post online can affect how others view them now and in their future.

-Mrs. Lakics

Technology Teacher


The fourth and fifth grade art students will progress into painting and brush skills, including the study of the color wheel. Students will observe and discuss formal historical paintings and create their own interpretations displaying the value and excitement of color.

The second trimester art exploratory classes are over half way through and completed projects in multimedia materials and techniques including drawing, design, printmaking, painting, and now progressing from 2-D to 3-D sculpture. Sixth grade students are creating a plaster mask and backstory to bring their character to life. Seventh grade students are direct casting their own hand with plaster and use it as a time capsule to enclose a letter to their future self. Eighth grade students are planning contrasting tea cups for two - using measurement and accuracy to create two functional clay pieces.

For additional information about your child’s art education or Art Club, please be sure to check us out on the web at www.d91.net. Thank you for your interest in the Art Department at Kelvin Grove, and Happy New Year to all.

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To Contact Mrs. Randolph K-8 Music & KG Chorus Director

Email: srandolph@d91.net PHONE: 815-838-0737 ext. 1140

THANK YOU to everyone who came and/or supported our students by coming to our “Holiday

Road Trip” musical in December! We hope you enjoyed the program. Watch the web page for

pictures coming soon.

World Music Drumming & playing Orff Instruments has begun in all Grades 5-8 music classes

thanks to the IL Arts Council Fine Arts Grant and Ms. Rae (who wrote the grant). Watch the music

web pages for pictures coming soon.

FRIDAYS (7:30-8:20 am): FREE Open Music Lab for Students at Kelvin Grove to use music lab –

use music software, practice piano, organ, etc. – Enter Door # 1 at 7:30 (CHECK WEB PAGE


Check the music web pages for announcements, pictures and assignments by grade level: Click on

tabs for each grade and other information.


Crystal Music Instruments (flute, violin, glockenspiel, drum) $20 Each;

Hornet Magnets $5 Each (c. 110 left);

Hornet Fathead Stickers $5 Each;

Send money to D91 Music (Attn. Mrs. Randolph) to purchase them.

SAVE TABS FOR MUSIC! Please bring metal tabs from soda and other cans to school in a ziploc

bag or large mouthed container and have students put in large white buckets in the hallway.


Thank you to all the students that played at the

Volleyball and Basketball games on Thursday, January 9!

It was great to be part of Pack the Gym Night!


The bands are busily preparing for their upcoming performances. The Intermediate Band and Beginning Band have a concert on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 7:00 pm in the Feneli gym. Upcoming festivals and contests for Concert Band include: the LTHS Band Festival on Thursday, February 20 at 7:00 pm at LTHS and the IGSMA District Band Contest on Saturday, March 7 at Minooka Junior High in Minooka. Finalized times and information will be coming home as soon as it becomes available. Continue to encourage your child to practice at least 30 minutes four to six times a week or at least 120 minutes a week. It is guaranteed the more your child practices, the better they will become on their instrument.

On Friday, February 7, Concert Band will be having a Concert Band rehearsal and lock-in. The rehearsal will be from 6:00 pm-9:15 pm. This year, our guest clinician will be Mr. Bill Goetz from Troy Middle School in Plainfield. Also, other music teachers will be here to help with sectionals and smaller groups. The fun night will be from 9:15 pm-12 am. The students will have the opportunity to hang out in the gym, play on scooters, watch movies, play games, etc. Students need to be picked up promptly at 12:00 am from Door 1.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel to contact Mrs. Plagman at (815)838-0737x1139 or nplagman@d91.net.

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Kelvin Grove LRC Celebrates Library Lovers’ Month

Kelvin Grove LRC Celebrates Library Lovers’ Month

It’s February in the #KGLRC and we are celebrating Library Lovers’ Month. Library Lovers’ Month is an annual February event where we celebrate the #KGLRC (the school library), the students who use them — and READING! Students will engage in centers and learning activities, raffles, the LRC MakerSpace . . . and much more! Check my website kgcyberlibrary.weebly.com and my Twitter feed www.twitter.com/CyberLibrary and watch the KGTV daily webcasts to see what we have planned!

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~$3,000 Walmart Giving Grant Recipient

~Donated 3D Printer from McCartan Siblings

~StarLab Rental for all KG students

~Illinois School District Library Grant recipient

~Funded Donors Choose Little Free Outdoor Library Project (Thanks to ALL donors!)

~Assorted DVDs, video & board games, puzzles & LEGOs from our school community members (Thanks to ALL donors!)

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Grade 4 through 8 Kelvin Grove LRC students are creating cards, writing letters and creating digital art pieces that will deliver to special Will County residents. Our focus is to share our creations with Will County senior residents who may live alone or in skilled nursing facilities or senior housing units. This is an ongoing project for the entire school year. #Kind #HornetsWithHeart

Hey Parents/Guardians? Like Scholastic Book Offers?

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Like the ease of ordering online, too? Here you go!

Parents/Guardians of students in grades 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 can click on the Scholastic Book Clubs button above -- and order through the Kelvin Grove LRC. Happy Reading!

Parents use this code to submit their Scholastic Book Clubs Orders to Mrs. B. online. Class Code L3XH2

Six Flags Read-To-Succeed Program

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Six Flags Read-To-Succeed Program Ends March 31, 2020

Read-To-Succeed is a free program that allows students in grades K-6 to earn tickets to Six Flags Great America just by reading six hours for fun. Here is how your child can earn a free ticket to Six Flags:

1) Parents/Guardians must register their student using this link: sixflags.com/books

Use Kelvin Grove Jr High School's code: C7ESD

2) Your child may read any books they choose.

3) Keep track of your child’s reading using the form below.

4) Record your child’s reading at our website sixflags.com/books.

5) Receive a free Six Flags Great America ticket from Kelvin Grove Jr High School LRC in May.

Students can optionally earn bonus awards by reading more than six hours such as discounts on additional tickets for family members, Season Passes or Memberships. Please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Bruemmer at sbruemmer@d91.net if you have any questions or need assistance signing up.

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MEETS ON THURSDAYS during student lunch times in the Kelvin Grove LRC!

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February 1st starts the third Box Tops contest which will run through March 31st. The winners will be treated to a classroom Popcorn party so keep clipping and scanning those box tops!

This month we’ll be having a Craft Day at Milne Grove on the 8th and an Escape Room night at Kelvin Grove on the 21st. Also on the 21st is our monthly “Take the Night Off” from cooking which will be at Pop’s and runs the whole day, 10am to 9pm, so grab yourself some lunch or dinner or both! Always remember to mention D91 when placing your order.

February 24th will start our La Braid fundraiser which will offer a variety of pastries and sweet treats. These items will be ready for pickup just in time for Spring Break.

Please come out and join us at our monthly PTO meetings-we still have a lot of fun events planned for the remainder of the school year and we’d love to have your ideas and support!

Save the date for Friday, March 20th. It’s our annual Daddy Daughter Dance night!

If you ever have any questions please email us at d91pto.info@gmail.com.

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Valentine's Day Dance hosted by Junior Beta

Grades 6th-8th

Cost: $5

Concessions available for purchase

Where: KG New Gym

When: February 14th from 7-9pm