The Crucible



Tituba is one of the women in the woodspracticing witchcraft, as the puritans called "Black magic" she is manipulated into doing this by Abigail Williams and she confesses during the court case. She is condemmed to death unlike the other women who confessed. She is from Barbados and she would practice spiritual dances from her african roots. She came to Salem as a slave for Reverend Parris.

John Proctor

John Proctor was married to Elizabeth Proctor and had three good sons to dicipline, and he was a good man in his town. He was very well spoke of and he was called very good, that he has integrity and honor, that most of all, he respected himself. He had a house keeper named Abigail Williams, she was pretty and very maniplulative, although she was only 17. She made Johns life turn upside down, from being the good talk of the town, to the worst. she had an affair with him and made him cheat on his loving wife. She destroyed his self-respect.

Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams has a big part in this story, she had made two people do things that they should not have. With the affair with John she ruined their marrraige and with Tituba, she ruined her life, and made her life end. She plans to set the whole witchcraft on Tituba and she successfully does it. She has been out to get Johns wife, Elizabeth, and it works with the affair. All though in act three John exposes Abigail and she turns the whole thing around again and blames it on John and gets him put in jail and hanged.