Mc Donald's in South Korea~


Korean people would probably wear casual, covering clothes. Until several years ago, South Koreans generally did not like to show much skin. Some people are still judged by the older generation if they show too much skin. In South Korea, the McDonald's would be minute and part of a shopping center or plaza, especially in Seoul. The food in a local McDonald's in South Korea would probably have many side dishes. The food would also probably have varieties of marinated meats, vegetables, and cider. In South Korea cider is really big!
The dress code relates to the culture of South Korea because the people there generally like to show less skin. Food/ menu choices would depend on the region Korea, but since the Korean meals always has side dishes, McDonald's would probably also have them. In South Korea the meats are usually marinated and mixed/ served with vegetables. Especially in Incheon, many of the buildings are large but have smaller sections like New York city in the U.S. Myungdong Plaza in South Korea is very much like Times Square. In South Korea, people like to keep their buildings organized and just the right amount of space.
This shows globalization because South Korea built a McDonald's but incorporated their own diets and food choices on the menu as well as made their McDonald's blend in with the other buildings so it wouldn't stand out.

Menu Items (n _ n)

Bulgogi Burger

Chiken Kabob


떡볶이(spicy ricecake)

볶음밥(fried rice)

Shrimp Burger

Bacon Tomato Burger


Big Mac

Spicy Chicken Sandwich