Electrostatic Speakers - Colin Ross

How do they work?

Clean and Crisp as ever!

Electrostatic speakers generate such an amazing sound by generating to opposite charges on either side of a positively charged diaphragm. The diaphragm is repelled by the positive side and attracted by the negative side. The charge on the outer stators then switch and the side the diaphragm moved to becomes positive, repelling the diaphragm again. The side that originally repelled the diaphragm then becomes negative and attracts the diaphragm. This action of switching charges repeats over and over again every millisecond that the sound waves are transferred to the speakers. The moving diaphragm creates waves of sound that makes the sound more clear and crisp.
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Laws of Electrostatics

These speakers take advantage of the first law of electrostatics which is; opposite chargers attract, and like charges repel. It uses this law to create its sound waves more naturally than regular speakers which just project the sound. This creates a very clean sound which is more desirable than regular speakers. If only it didn't cost so much.....

How its Made - Electrostatic Speakers

How It's Made - Electrostatic Speakers