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Forest Lane Governance Council

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FLCS Pillars

The Governance Council was created for the purpose of empowering faculty, students, parents, and community to take responsibility for the on-going success of the Forest Lane Community School Students. The teaching and learning goals of Forest Lane Community School continue to evolve with the Montello Idea. Currently they consist of six foundational pillars adopted by the teaching faculty in 2011. These include: Personalized Learning Plans, Place-Based or Community Learning, Growing Healthy Futures, Neuroscience Learning, Creative use of Technology and School Climate. Each pillar has a committee in place to develop that emphasis for our school. In addition to supporting these goals, the Governance Council will also work towards fulfilling district goals on student outcomes in partnership with the Board of Education and school administration.

Professional Development 4-27-2016

FLCS Pillars Updates

Growing Healthy Futures Pillar - PACER Test


Technically, the PACER test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets harder. In lay terms the PACER is about running. For our purposes the test is used to gauge how long students can run a set distance, in a set amount of time, while challenging themselves to achieve better scores as the year progresses. Students accomplish this by setting goals and monitoring their scores when the test is run each month.

The overriding idea behind running the PACER test, in fifth and sixth grades, is to help students understand that healthy habits come with work and their bodies can be trained. We discuss ideas such as: what can be done outside of the school day to improve scores; the challenge of running when they experience discomfort, training options, and determining heart rate .

Each month goals are set, the test is run, and we discuss the “why” portion of achieving or not achieving goals. Students are able to explore the reality of goal setting and managing an achievable goal. They learn not to rely on luck to achieve goals and that without putting in the effort needed, meaningful changes will not happen.

The PACER isn’t merely a multistage aerobic capacity test which takes place once a month, but instead, an opportunity for students to set, manage, and achieve meaningful goals.

Personalized Learning Plans Pillar - Digital Student Portfolios

Dreambox Learning - Student Login Below

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Creative Use of Technology - RtI Guarantees

Non-Negotiables or guarantees are components of classroom instruction or processes across Forest Lane Community School deemed essential. In designing our school's RtI Guarantees we have incorporated a set of practices related to instructional technology including a mandated amount of time in which staff members are expected to work with our Technology Integration Coach.

During the early release time last Wednesday, staff members discussed several elements related to the RtI Guarantees document including the use of our Technology Integration Coach, Instructional Coaching, and early release professional development structuring.

5th Grade Green Screen Videos

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School Climate - Creating a Culture of Achievement - Instructional Improvement Target

i was introduced to Jim Knight's vision for a schoolwide One-Page Instructional Improvement Target in 2013, described in his book Unmistakable Impact. During the spring of 2015, our staff began creating an Instructional Improvement Target for the 2015-2016 school year which would focus on sharpening best teaching practices, developing a sense of community, and increasing a sense of collective responsibility.

In addition, during the early release time last Wednesday staff members began discussing ways in which we can create a culture of achievement at Forest Lane Community School. The staff members began developing a plan for the 2016-2017 school year and discussing what needs to be improved as we move FLCS Forward!