Summer Edition

July 15, 2015

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In this issue:

  • 2014-15 Family Survey Responses
  • Important Upcoming Dates
  • Summer "To-Do" List - Summer Assignments, Supplies, Uniforms
  • Mills Uniform In-Store Promotion
  • Before/After Care Registration
  • Parent-Student Handbook and IT Agreement
  • 6th Grade Overnight Trip

We Asked, You Answered, We Listened - 2014-15 Founding Family Survey

We were overwhelmed with all of the positive feedback on the surveys, and we feel blessed to have so many supportive families here at Christ the Redeemer Catholic School.

Here are some of the concerns that were expressed and our answers to those concerns.

  • Communication: We plan on streamlining our communication and give as much notice as possible for school events, students being able to leave early from events, etc. We will continue to use the weekly newsletter, but hope to add new ideas like a Google Calendar that you can join, updated website and digital planners that parents will have access to.

  • Teacher Dress Code: Our faculty attire is business casual, and teachers are allowed to wear blue jeans on Fridays. We feel that overall our teachers dress in an appropriate manner. Please keep in mind that the teachers are on the floor and outside on the playground with children, so our attire is a little different than the business world. If at any time we feel someone is not dressed appropriately, the administration will address that situation.

  • Class Size: We have done the research and our Pre-K will max out at 20. Kindergarten and up will max out at 24. Pre-K and Kindergarten will have an assistant. With the implementation of blending learning and our 1:1 device program, we feel that we can meet the needs of each individual student.

  • Sports: We were very transparent at the beginning that we would not be able to do sports until our middle school is up and running. Our anticipation is that we can do middle school leagues starting in the 2016-2017 school year.

  • Choir: Will have morning and afternoon sessions available so more students can be involved.

  • Discipline: We are changing our discipline program and will be going forward with Love and Logic. The discipline chart will no longer be in use, but each teacher will decide on their communication to parents regarding discipline issues. The behaviors that require a principal visit will not change. Parents will have the option to take a Love and Logic parent class in the fall.

  • School Hours: Our hours will remain 8:15-3:15. Doors will open at 7:45. If you need additional hours, please consider the BASP program.

  • Duty Teachers: We will have additional teachers on duty for arrival, dismissal, recess and lunch.

  • Homework: We are assessing how much, for whom and the function of the homework. More information will come at the beginning of the school year.

  • Uniforms: We will be strictly enforcing the dress code found in the parent handbook. This includes hair bows, socks, earrings and other jewelry, shoes, ties, belts, etc. While Pre-K 3 students are required to have a formal uniform for pictures and other special events/days, they do not attend mass and therefore are not required to wear the formal uniform on Mass days.

  • Arts: We are working on growing these programs at CtR as our school grows.

  • Tardy: If the doors are closed to the Parish Hall, you must enter through the front office and get a tardy slip. Please do not let parents in with their child if the door is closed.

  • Coffee with the Principal: We will start taping these sessions and share them online for viewing by the parents who can’t make it. We will have a different topic each month. Most would like this to be topic based and not a place to voice concerns. To voice concerns and feedback we will be sending out 2-3 surveys throughout the year. Please know that the administration also has an open door policy, and you are welcome to set up an appointment to discuss concerns.

  • Directory: Parents now have access to the directory through the portals.

  • Technology: A technology agreement will be sent out soon for parents to sign.

  • Lunch Program: In an effort to improve the lunch quality and flexibility with ordering, we have interviewed new vendors and hope to share our chosen lunch provider in the next few weeks.

  • Online Payment: We understand the request for a credit card payment option and are looking into various methods. We will continue to communicate as we further evaluate an online payment option.

Important Upcoming Dates

July 17 - CtRCS Day at Mills Uniform Company

Aug. 18 - New Parent Orientation - 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall

Aug. 19 - Meet the Teacher - 10-11 a.m.

Aug. 20 - First Day of School!

Aug. 20 & 21 - Noon dismissal

Sept. 10 - Back to School Night

REMINDER: Tuition payments for 2015-16 began in June. You will receive monthly reminder invoices emailed to the primary contact on your student(s)' account. Please contact us immediately at if you have not received an invoice yet.

Don't forget to check off your summer "to-do" list using the buttons below!

Summer Assignments

Don't forget to complete your summer assignments before you return to school on Aug. 20!

Supply List

While your supply fee covers the consumable supplies needed for the school year, there are a few items for you to pick up that will travel with your child year-to-year.


Check out our uniform policy and the link to Mills' online store.

Mills Uniform Company In-Store Promotion

Friday, July 17th, 10am-6pm

9331 Katy Freeway, Suite B, Houston, TX 77024

The Christ the Redeemer in-store promo will be on Friday, July 17. It includes a drawing for a chance to win a $100 Mills gift certificate.

Before/After Care (BASP) Registration

Registration for our Before/After care program (BASP) is now open! Please visit the BASP page of our website to review the fees, complete the registration forms and pay the $35 registration fee.

BASP fees will be added to the Sept. invoices (including the prorated amount for Aug) for those enrolled. Both new and existing families will register for 2015-16 BASP care using this same process. The enrollment does not carry over from 2014-15

Coming Soon: Parent-Student Handbook and IT Agreement

We are putting the final touches on our handbook revisions and IT Agreement. Please be on the lookout for an upcoming communication when these items are posted to our website. There will be a form for you to print out and sign confirming that you have read and understand both documents. These forms will be due at Meet the Teacher or the first day of school.

Save-the-Date: 6th grade overnight trip

6th grade parents, be sure to mark your calendars for the 6th graders' overnight trip in May 2016. There will be an additional fee associated with the trip that is still being determined. More details regarding the location and specific costs will be forthcoming.