Curriculum Corner

February 2016 Issue

Questioning Strategies

Teachers ask 400 questions a day -- 70,000 a year, according to The Guardian.

Outstanding Text to Consider (contact Dana if you'd like to borrow)

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"Think-Meet-Share-Create" Technique

In this activity, the teacher poses a question to the class. Each student thinks of his response to the question and jots down his answer. Next, students get up to meet with a partner. They take turns sharing their responses. Before returning to their seats, partners create a new answer that is superior to their individual answers. Students get a chance to get up and move, they get a chance to talk, and content is still the primary focus.
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Speaking of Questioning...

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Teacher Match 2016

Thank you to all of the outstanding educators who participated in our Teacher Match program with BGSU this month. The students shared very positive comments about their experience, the welcoming and comforting way our teachers worked with them, as well as the level of questioning.

Taryn Miley

K-5 Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Dana Falkenberg

6-12 Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment