Equity Matters

February/March 2023

Listening to Voices in Limestone

This issue is dedicated to the power of listening.

This is an opportunity for Limestone staff to truly listen to LDSB community members' perspectives on both current events and the next steps Limestone can collaboratively take to continue building inclusive spaces where everyone's identity is represented & valued.

A future where everyone can see themselves in Limestone.

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Student Leader: Highlighting Sekai Chikodzi (LCVI)

At LCVI, Sekai Chikodzi organized a workshop to celebrate Black hair and bring Black students together to learn more about how to take care of their textured hair. This event fostered a sense of community for Black students across the board. Sekai also organized a panel discussion with inspiring Black individuals from the Kingston community, who spoke about their experiences being Black in Kingston - the struggles they have faced and continue to face, their successes, and wisdom and advice they would like to pass on to Black students in Limestone. Both events were a huge success and we truly believe they will have a lasting impact on Black students in LDSB who lack affirming spaces where they feel seen and heard.

We asked Sekai, what message do you want to share with LDSB staff as we move beyond the month of February?

Sekai indicated that, "these events at LCVI illuminated the importance of fostering safe and inclusive spaces for Black students in the Limestone board. Going forward, it is critical that teachers and staff take the initiative to incorporate Black history into their classrooms in February and all year round."

"The other thing that I want to raise is that we really need to have the full support of the board and ALL staff in our schools, so that we are not put in a position of carrying the full weight of this work. I have found that it can be stressful to feel like our affinity group is responsible for making sure everyone feels included and that no one is left out. For example, our BHM events and initiatives shouldn’t be the only thing happening in the school. It shouldn't always be the job of racialized students to plan things for the school to do, to educate our peers, and to drive the agenda...these things take time and care to plan, and we need the full support of the school community so that what we plan is complementary to what the school is already doing, rather than being the whole plan."

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Congratulations to Superintendent Patty Gollogly, for winning Kingston's 2023's Inspirational Woman Award!

"When it comes to advancing gender equity, Patty has been on the forefront of many new initiatives at the Limestone District School Board. Patty was instrumental in creating a large and welcoming presence at both the Napanee Pride parade and the Kingston Pride parade last year. This was the first time the school board, from an administrative standpoint, made an effort to be a visible presence at Pride, filling both parades with supportive staff, students, and families.

There are numerous things Patty does on a daily basis to help make the Limestone District School Board, an organization with such a massive impact on our Kingston community (20,000+ students and 3,000+ staff members), more inclusive. She liaises with our local health unit and police departments to ensure our schools continue to be safe spaces and has launched new initiatives like the LDSB Queer Sports and Social Club, a fun, social and safe place for all LDSB Grade 9-12 students to be active and build relationships.

As part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community herself, countless students across our school board benefit from seeing Patty in such an important leadership position with a large, impactful organization."


We asked, Superintendent Patty Gollogly to share her thoughts on this year's International Women's Day theme: #Embrace Equity

I think the theme of embracing equity is extremely important for everyone to realize we can all play apart in the journey of dismantling structures that do not allow for equity to occur. I believe that we can support LDSB community in this work by engaging in the conversation and realize the power inclusive language can play in moving forward. The work that we do in equity, diversity and inclusion is challenging but we must realize that we need to plant tress that we may never see grow, but we still need to plant those trees so that future generations can grow.
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LDSB Ramadan Community Digital Storytelling Initiative

“Not even water?” is the most famous question on the planet about Ramadan. But Ramadan is so much more than not eating and drinking.

No matter what your student/educator background is, you might have experienced Ramadan in some way. If you have, then you probably have a story!

Here at islamophobia.io, we’ve put out a community call out to receive memorable stories of Ramadan to foster a greater understanding of what this month actually is.

islamophobia.io is a space that widens the narrative of Muslim communities through digital storytelling. We already have over 300 incredible stories submitted by the public in a collective pursuit to create better understanding, and counter Islamophobia.

Can we count on you to tell a Ramadan story at LDSB? Big or small, it’s still a story! Your stories will help decipher Ramadan and foster new understanding.

You might even change the most famous question about it! Note, stories can be read as well

Tell your Ramadan story here: islamophobia.io/ramadan

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Upcoming Workshops from Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

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Students, parents, families, staff, and community members are encouraged to speak up when they experience or witness a human rights incident or have a complaint that involves a Limestone student

This includes incidents and complaints that are related to school activities or that occur off school property such as school-related field trips, extracurricular clubs or activities, and sporting events.

Students, parents/families, staff, and community members are encouraged to submit a human rights incident and complaint form for any of the following:

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About Us:

The LDSB Equity team is excited to continue working with both staff and students, providing resources and spaces that foster a strong sense of belonging, so everyone can see themselves in Limestone!

Please do not hesitate to contact us; we look forward to working with you!

Andrea Barrow

7-12 Equity & Inclusion Consultant

613-544-6925 ext.213

Rachael McDonald
K-8 Equity & Inclusion Consultant

613-544-6925 ext. 213

Yusuf Abdulkareem

Human Rights & Equity Officer

613-544-6925 ext.256