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This newsletter is created by the CBEA Instruction and Professional Development Committee, a committee dedicated to promoting the educational objectives of the association. These objectives include fostering the continuous improvement of instruction and curriculum in order to assist each student in realizing his or her maximum potential.

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Book Love Foundation: More from Penny Kittle

Were you inspired by Penny Kittle's amazing classroom library? Are you ready to build your own? Consider applying for a Book Love Foundation grant to make that library come to life. The Book Love Foundation is dedicated to teachers who inspire a love of reading. These grants provide classroom libraries comprised of hundreds of books carefully chosen to meet teenagers where they are and lead them to the deep rewards of reading. If you wish to demonstrate your commitment to rich reading lives for all students, please consider applying. Grant applications must be received by March 1, 2016.

From CB Staff Development

Thank you to everyone for your participation in our February 4th professional development day. The day was a great success thanks to Penny Kittle, formative assessment discussions, and, most of all, teacher-led sessions. We hope the professional conversations and interactions left you feeling validated, motivated, and inspired. As one teacher put it, “I find that I gain the most from workshops that are offered by teachers in the district. We've got a lot of incredibly talented people here, and it's great to get a chance to hear their suggestions and try applying them in my own classroom.”

If you are looking for more information about one of the sessions, some presenters have posted their presentations and resources on OneNote:

Elementary: February 4th Elementary Resources

Secondary: February 4th Secondary Resources

We would also like to thank you for taking the time to take the survey sent to you by the Staff Development department. Your feedback is important for future planning. Believe it or not, summer planning is already underway. If you have any specific topics you would like offered this summer, please send an email to

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  • Led by Joanna Brennan, Melissa Schmidt, and Lynda Costello from Titus Elementary, K-2 teachers talk about formative assessment in the primary grades
  • The heat was on in the ‘Using Probes in Middle School Science’ session on February 4th. Science teachers Christy Gillespie, Colleen Haag, Marissa Nagle, and Michelle Spera participated in a homeostasis lab where they used cotton balls and probes to demonstrate how sweating lowers our body temperature.

Delaware Valley University: Master of Science in Social and Emotional Learning

If you are looking for an innovative program for graduate credit, please take a few minutes to watch this screencast about Delaware Valley University's Master of Science in Social and Emotional Learning program. Delaware Valley University and the Innovative Learning Institute are proud to offer a Master of Science in Social and Emotional Learning with innovative, research-based courses that meet the needs of teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, social workers, and other human services professionals. All eleven courses are available online and on campus. Online sections are asynchronous, allowing you to take classes at your convenience. For those who wish to learn in a physical environment, classes also meet in Doylestown and other locations. A huge thanks to PSEA member and former PACE chair Dr. David M. Hall for providing us with this information and for supporting CBEA members. Please contact Dr. Hall for more information about this program.

Course Spotlight: Karine Simpson, Central Bucks West High School

I am currently attending classes online at Penn State’s World Campus to finish my M+30. I am in the graduate program, seeking a Certificate in Educational Technology Integration. Fifteen credits are needed for the certificate; students have the option to continue for a Master’s in Learning Technology and Design. My first class, Systematic Instructional Design for Teachers, provided me with a better way to choose and justify the implementation of certain technologies into a lesson. Part of the course was key in helping me to learn to avoid "using technology for technology's sake," which is a trap that we all tend to fall into.

The second course, Emerging Web 2.0 Technologies, is very interactive, as it explores Web 2.0 applications for classroom use. Part of the course is testing Slack, which is a group specific Facebook/Twitter-like social network. It's private, in that you can only join groups after an invitation from the facilitator and no one else sees them. In addition to creating a main group, the facilitator can create channels to build subgroups or subtopics, and there is private messaging available between members should the facilitator decide to create that option. No personal information has to be exchanged - we signed in and joined our class group with our Penn State email addresses. We have to keep a running blog about current articles on technology in education and learning ecologies, work as subgroups in exploring technologies and do a few other things including create a podcast. I've done some of these activities on my own and with my students already, but there are some new things that I am picking up. I also am not a blogger; I truly do not like to keep a journal so I don't. I am really having fun learning in this course. Well, except for the blogging part. I have to say that this is not the least expensive way to approach +30; however, I don’t like to take random courses here or there. I prefer to have a goal in mind and work toward something that I really can use to make class more interactive and interesting for both my students and myself.

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