Part 2

Which Character Appeals to You Most?

Ted appeals to me most as she understands and takes into consideration what others say. She cares about everyone, especially her family and will do anything and everything for them. Hazel is a little lazy for me and her lack of initiative and the fact she has no drive in life is a little off putting, although she seems like a nice girl.

At one point in the book, in the middle of a major photo shoot (one that could make her whole career as a model), Ted decides to leave right then and there because she realises that she should be home with her sister and attending a head shaving session for cancer patients in the hospital. She was supposed to be there to support them as they were a little nervous but she turned it down (with the advice of her sister) to go to New York to model. Even though it was a pretty stupid decision, I admire her strength to leave especially as it was all for her family and for others. To care about people so much more than yourself is a quality that everyone should posses. As well as this, throughout the whole book Ted had let others push her around. She let her everyone tell her what should and shouldn’t do. So when she decided to leave the modelling job, she wasn’t just showing consideration for everyone else, she was finally making up her own mind. She was deciding what was right and what she wanted to do. For this, I find Ted the most appealing character.