Percy Jackson: The Lightning Theif

Rick Riordan


- The New York times #1 Best-selling Series

-THE LIGHTNING THIEF is a great book for adults and kids. I've already recommended it to a couple of adult friends who experienced the same kind of can't-put-it-down pull that I did. (

-From the very beginning of the novel, we find out Percy is different when he ends up fighting a harpy in the museum while on a school trip. He's been kicked out of 6 schools in 6 years, lives with his mom and step-dad, Smelly Gabe, an evil guy who deliberately makes Percy's life hard.(

-Riordan is a teacher who obviously loves kids as well as the subject matter. The Greek gods were a cantankerous lot, and Riordan delivers them well. Not only does he give his readers the stories, but he also brings the gods on stage and gives them personalities.

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-Rick Riordan sold $5 million worth of Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

-Rick Riordan was a middle school teacher in San Francisco for 15 years

-His favorite character is Grover


-Percy Jackson went through the under world just to save his mother but he still might not.

-Friends come together to save the world from total destruction.

-Who would think a group of twelve year old students could keep the gods from having a war.

The Lightning Theif

This Fantasy book follows a half-blood named Percy Jackson. In case your wondering what a half-blood is, it's half human, half god! Percy Jackson is a twelve year old boy who was a boarding student at Yancy Academy. He has black hair and blue eyes and is an average twelve year old's height. So he's basically a normal kid except that he's the son of Poseidon! Just a couple of weeks ago he noticed something fishy about his algebra teacher. When she asked him to go into the hallway with her he found out that she was a monster. Then one of his best friends(who was actually a satyr) tells him he is a half-blood they half to get to camp half-blood immediately.When they arrive, Chiron( Camp Half-blood instructor) says they have a problem. Percy and Grover(the satyr) have to go on a quest to find Zeus' master bolt by the summer solstice or the GODS will have a war and destroy the whole world! They have to take one extra person and a girl named Annabeth who is the daughter of Athena(Goddess of wisdom). My favorite part of the story is when they are on the St. Louis arch and Percy has to fight a Chimera. A Chimera is a huge chihuahua who spits acid and breathes fire. When the Chimera pushes Percy of the arch he falls into water at the bottom and is perfectly fine. Once again, son of Poseidon. I would definitely recommend this book because it will always keep you on the end of your seat. Will Percy ever find the master bolt, and if so, will he get it to Olympus on time to save the world?