Character Texturing & Rendering

by Tanya Zvezdina

Base Mesh Renders

Pre-Visualization Playblast

I really want the whole character to be seen but also most importantly the bow. I really like the bow and I spend a good amount of time on it- tweaking it to fit the character. I also want the teeth to be focused on because they are an important feature of this character.

Colour Palettes

The two colours palettes in the pink line shape are the ones I want to put on the character. I want the colours to feel a bit childlike. The four other colour palettes are for the lighting. I want the light to feel warm and have lots of pinks and purple since I'm making the creature be a magical girl and want a sort of "girly" cute atmosphere that contrasts the creatures sharp teeth. The creature is a bit mischievous and childlike but also "girly" so I want there to be a bit of a contrast with the lighting being pastel while the colours on the creature being more grounded and opaque. Kind of like the creature having two sides to it or just having one aspect of the creatures personality while showing another aspect of its personality- so they complement each other.
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Lighting Style Examples

Texture Examples




I really like my final product this time. The only thing I should of done was smooth out the mesh more since the edges make the soft textures like wool seem too angular. The bow is the most noticeable for this problem. The lights really show how its not a smooth mesh. Another thing I would change is maybe work more on the scaly skin. I like how the bump map looks but the skin could have been coloured a little bit better in terms of the actual colours I used. I used substance painter to make the scales have two colours and it was hard to go back and forth changing the colours slightly because each time I thought I chose a good colour it looked different in Maya. Also this time I rendered at super high quality and didn't use youtube because I have learned my lesson.