Volleyball Injuries

By: Liza Itskovich, 1/7/16, Digital Literacy, Period 7

Why I Chose This Topic

My topic is volleyball injuries. I chose this topic because I play volleyball, and I wanted to research about volleyball injuries. Volleyball is the second most played sport and the sixth most dangerous sport. It became a sport in the Olympics in 1964. How can I create a presentation that will inform people about volleyball injuries?

Volleyball Injury Awareness

Volleyball injuries can take you out of playing volleyball for months or for days. The most common injuries that you can get from volleyball are knee and ankle injuries. 63% of volleyball injuries happen when you are doing anything that requires jumping, and a volleyball player jumps about 300 times in a match. Anything that requires jumping can be hitting, blocking, sometimes serving, and sometimes setting. You probably won't get as hurt passing or if you are a Libero.

More Information About Volleyball Injuries

About 995 million people play volleyball all over the world, which increases the number of people getting hurt. According to "Stop Sport Injuries", " Volleyball players are at risk for both traumatic and overuse injuries." This shows that volleyball injuries can be severe and can be caused in many different ways. You should be careful and avoid different injuries. Volleyball can cause many different injuries so, you should be careful.