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When sensory, balance, fluency, accuracy and cognition systems are unstable and disorganized, academic learning is difficult, frustrating, and stifling. As a locally family-owned educational company, we specialize in training students how to practice so they evolve from being dependent learners to independent learners to ultimately being interdependent learners. We serve families whose children/teens do not qualify for services, are on Tier III interventions in school, have failed a grade, have a low high school GPA with limited credits, need end-of-the-year testing for home school or a home school program, are challenged by sensory integration, read, write or do math poorly, and/or lack confidence in learning have the opportunity to get back on track with interventions that target specific needs. Together our team has over 76 years of educational expertise together. It is the ultimate experience "to watch" a student become an INTERDEPENDENT learner.

About Amy Falk Weinberger

Amy Weinberger, the founder and director of The Thinking Center, along with her team, have specialized in providing learning solutions to families for their kids since 1991. She and her staff have seen well over 7000 students locally in Sarasota, FL, regionally, nationally and internationally.

As a graduate of Oxford College of Emory University (1984), Emory University (1986), and Georgia State University (1987) with a Teaching Certification, and a Master's from Wilkes University (2014), her passion for teaching began long before any formal education. She fondly remembers setting up her dolls in her playroom and conducting a full class on reading and writing. "I loved my students. I read to them, created elaborate projects, created a full library with novels, encyclopedias, and children's magazines, kept journals and taught reading to all them. It was a blast and very entertaining." She credits her teaching career to her own love of learning, her compassionate, patient teachers, her mom, dad and grandparents who always made sure she had the best education and her own compassion for students who struggle with learning.

She began her teaching career in Atlanta, Georgia, then to St. Thomas, USVI and finally settled and established The Thinking Center in 1991 in Sarasota, FL where she resides with her husband who is an avid gardner. She home schooled both of her kids from middle school through high school. Her daughter, Erin Weinberger, is a performer who just completed Guys & Dolls at the Asolo Rep in Sarasota and is currently performing in Beauty and the Beast on the Fireside Theater in Wisconsin; she is also a massage therapist and a student at Arizona State University, as well as, part of the female mentoring team at The Thinking Center. Jake, her son, is a certified Fire Fighter and will complete the requirements for EMT soon so he can join a fire station.

Along with developing The Thinking Center (1991), she was the co-founder of the exceptional Camp Arrow (1999) which provided a day camping experience for kids who just didn't fit into the regular day camps in town. She is also the founder of The GAP School (2004) which is a school program for kids who need to close social, cognitive, and achievement gaps. She established The Thinking Center Academy (2009) for middle school students who needed a transition year academically and socially before they integrated into "real" school. In addition, Amy developed a social skills camp program for students who struggled with navigating social cues and relationships.

Amy is a grass-roots person and is interested in making sure kids with learning

problems have the support that fits their needs. "Kids have a voice. They need to be heard and they need the right questions asked of them so we can find solutions." She is a reading and fluency expert, advocate, motivational speaker, educational coach and crisis manager. Most importantly, she helps families navigate the educational system and problem solve solutions that fit their needs. Her motto, "It always works out."

Testing and Remediation Strategies
Regarding the online school...we use many different platforms for delivery for different needs and as education has become more democratized so have choices.