Choosing the Right Intervention!

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The Thinking Center Team!

Amy F. Weinberger, MSEd. (Founder/Director), Dr. Shawn Mandel (Psychologist), Sarah Abercrombie, MSEd. (Learning Specialist), Sally Rownd (Learning Specialist), Olivia Haynes (Learning Specialist), Valerie Butler (Learning Specialist), Caleb Dean (Learning Specialist), Steve Howard, MSEd., Paul Bono, MSEd. (Learning Specialist), Jake Weinberger (Male Mentor), and Jordan Stonecypher (Female Mentor), Steve Weinberger (Business Manager!), and Rose Connor (Office Manager!).

Phono-Graphix Strong Since 1998 & Fluency Training

For students who struggle with learning how to read, Phono-Graphix remains our go-to method and Neuronet bridges the gap for fluency. Most of the students we meet do not understand how to decode consistently, are confused about the sound to symbol relationships of the English written code, struggle with the automaticity of writing letters in print or cursive without having to think about how they are formed, and do not know how to analyze a word. Without this knowledge, learning how to read is painfully uncomfortable for learners. We change that for students! It is exciting and impactful. Our tuition packages are 12, 24 and 36 sessions (hours) for any of our services.

Reading Comprehension Training

GREAT Readers are PURPOSEFUL. They consistently interact with text.

SKILLED readers are NEVER PASSIVE. Instead, they are HIGHLY ACTIVE as they read; creating visual images, wondering, and evaluating as they read. Less skilled readers, however, simply move their eyes over the text without processing what they are reading.

Our outcome-based training offers a passive reader the chance to connect with the written word and engage actively with text securing the foundation of becoming a solid reader.

Tutoring & Homework Support: Students Tell Us That a Consistent Tutor Gives them Hope

Getting help is normal when learning to be prepared for the classroom experience. We offer one-to-one tutorial services for students who need support in managing homework, studying for an upcoming test, practicing multiplication skills, preparing for a book report or presentation, catching up on assignments, reviewing the class researching for a project, navigating FLVS (Florida Virtual School or other online learning platforms), prereading for a literature study or learning spelling and/or vocabulary words. Some students are scheduled weekly or biweekly and others come as needed. We create a plan that supports your child/teen best for them.

We LOVE Math and So Will You

Imagine being able to know your math facts automatically or complete a three step algebra problem in your head! Yes You Can! We support all levels of math and math topics as well as FLVS math courses. In addition, we can prep your teen for their SAT/ACT math. Our students get A's in math because they learn the tricks, secrets, and problem solving shortcuts. It is possible.

Achievement & Cognitive Testing for Placement Options, Interventions, & Confidence

​​If your child needs testing for a program or you just need to know where your child/teen stands academically and/or cognitively, Dr. Shawn Mandel, is our psychologist. He is kind, brilliant, and caring. He helps the child/teen feel comfortable about the testing process and breaks the sessions up if necessary. He is also coaches teens and is an expert in behavioral management training. He meets teens where they are to help them improve their self-esteem and navigate their personal situations better.​

Handwriting Still Matters

If your child has to stop and think about how the print or cursive alphabet looks each time when writing a word or sentence, then handwriting is not automatic and interferes with fluency process of thinking. It slows kids down in the classroom when they cannot write legibly and automatically. If you child starts his/her letters from the bottom up, confuses letters when he/she writes or writes too slowly or quickly that handwriting is illegible, then it is time to bolster handwriting skills with consistent training and practice.

Flipping the Cube: Cognitive Behavior Training

When a student feels anxious and it gets in the way of learning, getting the right interventions fast makes the difference in attitude, confidence, and outcomes. Taking perspectives, weighing choices, taking a deep breath, etc. are skills that can be taught and practiced. If we can help teach a student how to solve the problems they encounter and reduce their anxieties, then their learning outcomes increase and they feel more confident. Combining mental health services with academic services creates a more stable student!

SAT/ACT 1-1 Training: Get the Score You Want!

Did you know that you do not need to get all the questions right on the SAT? You don’t. What you need to do is to determine the schools that you are interested in attending. Access their incoming freshman data on the critical reading, math, and writing sections of the SAT. Then, understand how many answers you need correctly answer to receive the desired combined score. Learn how to convert your raw score to a scaled score to determine how many you really need to get right.

If you do not know where you want to go, then we can start the college choice coaching process and learn about the many choices that fit your interest when choosing higher education. Making a plan, helps the senior year crazies reduce and be more enjoyable. You can start as early as 7th grade to prepare for the SAT/ACT testing. Our favorite students for college planning are artists, dancers, performers, and athletes. There is a method to getting in colleges and universities, but the key is to finish college.