Alex Holder

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson plays a huge role in reconstruction by becoming president during that time of Lincolns assassination. Johnson is an old fashioned southern Jacksonian democrat of pronounced states rights view. He also advocated the homestead bill to provide a free farm for the poor man. He made men take an allegiance to the country.

14th Amendment

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified on July 9, 1868, and granted citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States,” which included former slaves recently freed. This amendment forbids any state from denying anyones citizenship.

Thaddeus Stevens

Following the break out of the Civil War he gained recognition for his efforts to abolish slavery. He was close to Lincoln and helped him with the emancipation of slaves. He believed that the confederacy was a revolutionary group. He was appointed to assist Lincolns administration with financing war.
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Freedmans Bureau

The U.S. Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, popularly known as the Freedmen's Bureau, was established in 1865 by Congress to help former black slaves and poor whites in the South in the aftermath of the U.S. Civil War. This bureau mostly helped with education and made a huge impression on black lives. They start providing food and medical care and shelter for the poor black population.
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