13 Reasons Why

Project by Marissa Lundsten


Thirteen Reasons Why is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone, especially high school students. One of the main characters, Hanna Baker, tells the story through her suicide tapes. It was a sad read, but it was also hard to put down, and I could definitely relate to a lot of the situations in the book. Three things I loved about this book were its realness, honesty, and its ability to relate. We all have felt sad and alone, and that is why I liked the book, It didn't sugar coat anything. However, I didn't like that Hanna had killed herself, making her ending one void of happiness. In a life or death situation, I wouldn't recommend Thirteen Reasons Why as a last read. If someone I knew was dying, I would not recommend this book to them because they would be angry with Hanna for not seeing all of the beauty and value in life.

Memorable quotes

pg. 94

“Because when you’re posed, you know someone’s watching. You put on your very best smile. You let your sweetest personality shine. And in high school people are always watching so there’s always a reason to pose.”

Pg. 156

“no one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people.”

Additional information and FAQ's

Author: Jay Asher

Page count: 288

Why did I choose this book? The concept was interesting, so I was curious to read it and find out what it was about.

Explain how you connected with this ideas of the book, personality of the character, or the experiences of the character(s). Being in high school, I could relate to the characters' thoughts both in and outside of the class. Also, I get why they did some of the things they did like overreacting to unpleasant surprises.