Flow Map

By: Jaque Rodriguez

Mier Expedition

date is On December 19, 1842

Texas Annextation

date is December 29, 1845

Anson Jones was president. "the final act in this great drama is now performed; the Republic of Texas is no more.

Treaty of Gualdalupe

date is Febuary 2 1848

The treaty gave mexico 15 million dolors and it ended the mexica war.

manifest destiny

date is 1803 to 1860

Battle of palmmito ranch

date is may 12 1865

13TH amendment

date of admemment was december 6 1865

the 13 amendment took away slavery.

constitusion of 1866

the date is 1866

FT Sumter

date is April 12-14 1861

Was the first shots of the war and confederate won