Donate Blood... TODAY!

You'r someones type.

the need for blood is CONSTANT

It's LITERALLY in your BLOOD to save lives!
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The reasons...

The need for blood these days is a large problem. People all over the world need clean and safe blood. If you were to go to the Red Cross blood donation website you would find at the top a slogan “The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give blood.” This sums up blood donations in three quick sentences. The need is constant in the world we live in today; and the gratitude from the people you saved is amazing. The solution is easy and affordable. As quote from America’s Blood Centers “It’s all about life.” It’s true, It IS all about life, saving a life is something only some can do. You can save a life, You're somebody's type.

The Effects

The people of Nepal have gone through terrible terrible times, the earthquake might just join in one of the worse times. The people there will need clean and safe blood, think of the lives we could save! If many could lose there loved ones, and their own lives...


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