Christmas In Finland

Traditions, Symbols, Activities


Three Holy Days

There are three holy days:

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, people have big feasts with their friends and family. After the feast, if there are kids in that house, Joulupukki- Santa Claus - visits the house and asks if they have been good. If they say yes, and are telling the truth, he will give them presents for them to open that night. If they have been were naughty, he gives them a big bag of coal.

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, people like to spend their day quietly with at home with their family.

'Hyvaa Joulua' means Happy/Merry Christmas in Finland

Boxing Day

On Boxing Day, people like to spend their day outside with friends and family. Lots skate on frozen rivers or lakes, ski on terrain and hang out outside.



A symbol is Santa Claus who is called Father Christmas or Joulupukki.


In Finland during Christmas, sauna is the symbol of purity.


Christmas Land

During the Christmas season, lots of people in Finland like to go to the large theme park called Christmas Land. Joulupukki is said to live there in his home Cavern

Christmas Land Adventures