Mejoremos Nuestras Escuelas

Por: Maggie Carrion and Hanna Pickens

Help Your Future: The Kids

We recently visited an underprivileged school in the heart of Mexico. The school itself was breaking down everywhere you looked. The infrastructure was deteriorating throughout the whole school. The teachers were unmotivated, and under-educated; it didn’t help any that they lacked the proper training that should be in place. The resources they had were extremely limited. The student's condition is tragic. They had work before and after school everyday in order to help support their family. The students scores were way below the average passing rate, and they seemed to lack knowledge that they should have at their age. In conclusion, this school desperately needs our help.


These kids are the future of Mexico. Without the proper education, the children will not be able to get jobs to support themselves, and helpfully contribute to the economy in the future. Any amount will be appreciated. The funds will go towards resources such as: pencils, colors, paper, and desks for the children.

The Children Need You

Why Donate?

These kids in your community need your help. They will mostly likely grow up and work in your businesses. You obviously want the best employees; in order to make them the best they can possibly be, they need the best possible education. Not only will you be able to help the children, but your brand name will be promoted on campus. It’s a win win situation!

Help Change The Future

Town Hall Meeting

Saturday, Oct. 17th, 9-11pm

123 Main Street, Mexico City, Mexico

Come to the meeting and discuss the needs of the children with us.