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Weekly Quizzes

Every week, students will be quizzed over the DOL material, vocabulary words, and spelling words. All of this content can be found on our class Canvas page. All quizzes are 30% of the total grade.

Quarter 1 Vocabulary Lists

Quarter 1 Spelling Lists

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To Read or Not to Read...NO QUESTION!

I hope this is the year all students will find that one book or author that they remember forever. I hope that sparks a life time of reading. I have witnessed it again and again with students...and it never gets old. Completing the 35 book challenge is difficult and it is for a grade. I will help students by giving them book suggestions and providing them 10 minutes of reading time a day to read in class. My class Pinterest page is a wonderful resource for students or parents looking for that next great read! Discussions in Canvas will go along with the student's reading. Discussions will be assigned every other week.
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Jamison logging Prisioner B-3087 on his 35 Book Challenge paper


Just as I would like my students to become a community of readers sharing books, I want my students to become a community of writers. I am dedicating time in class not only to write, but to illustrate, communicate, edit, revise and produce pieces of writing with the help of fellow classmates. Monday and Tuesdays are writing and brainstorming days. Wednesday is peer conferencing day, Thursday is revising, and Friday is production day. Students writing will be prompted by images, quotes, vocabulary, and suggested opening lines, but where their creativity takes their writing is unknown.

There will also be assignments that are more guided and fulfill specific writing types.

Categories and Percentages

  • Quizzes-30%
  • Reading- 25%
  • Writing-25%
  • Homework-15%
  • Responsibility-5%