Keep Swimming 16-17

October 14, 2016

Saturday School - See you tomorrow! No lunch, no recess!!


Congratulations Willow Springs staff for earning state PBIS-Model Recognition. There are three levels of NC PBIS recognition for phases of implementation. Thanks to the work of PBIS team and your implementation of PBIS, we moved from Green Ribbon to Model Recognition. Willow Springs will be acknowledged and presented with a banner during PBIS State Recognition Program on November 7th in Greensboro.

Don't forget to take care of your Health Benefits

Remember you will revert to the 70/30 plan and there will be a cost to you UNLESS you complete your health assessement. To take care of business, go to

Awards Rally for tracks 2 and 4

Oct. 28: track 2 at 1:50 and track 4 at 2:45

Please remember to let you parents know if their child is getting an award, and note the new checkout policy on Awards Days.