Information-September 23, 2014


Both vision screening and dental screening will be taking place in Room 13. This means that on some days our specialists will be traveling to classrooms to teach students. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Citizens Character Counter

The Citizens Character Counter will be open for business on Friday September 26th. Please continue to reward our students for positive behavior and reinforce school and classroom expectations. On Friday, please remind students to bring their Citizens Cash with them to lunch, as they will not be allowed to go back to the classrooms to get them.

Committees and Meetings

RTI is meeting this week on Wednesday September 24th at 8 am. RTI meets every Wednesday morning at this time.

The following committees have not met to date: Parent Engagement, Climate and Culture, CPI. Each committee will be receiving an email from me setting up a meeting date.

The next Faculty Meeting is scheduled for October 7th.

Secretary's Corner

A few requests from Mrs. Paquette...

Emergency Forms and Bullying Policy Forms need to be turned into the main office.

Attendance is due in the Main Office by 9:30 am. All schools need to have attendance data entered into the database before 10:15.

Supplies Update

We are still waiting for back ordered items from WB Mason.

I have created a Supplies Request Form that will be available through Google Docs. Please use this form for requesting supplies. I would like to keep the process of keeping inventory as organized as possible.


Citizens Memorial has been invited to present to the Woonsocket School Committee on February 25, 2015.

If anyone has any suggestions for a presentation to show how great our students and school community is, please let me know.

In the past there have been chorus presentations, theatrical presentations, physical abilities and skills presentations, poetry readings... What could our kids do?

Mentor Partners

Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership will be having its kick off breakfast with our participating students on September 30th at 8:35 am.

Mentors will be working with students throughout the year.

If you have any students who you feel would benefit from having a mentor please forward their name to me or contact Pamela Sherman at

Citizens Community Cafe

On Friday September 19th, The Community Cafe had 20 attendees! That is a big improvement from 12 the week before. Let's hope that this upcoming cafe will grow to even more!

Last week parents were presented with the Learning Library. A library that parents can use to check out books to read at home with their children. There were presented with information on how to make this time beneficial and engaging for their children. The Learning Library will be available to parents during the Citizens Community Cafe.

This week parents will be learning about this year's CCF21st Century After School Programs and have an opportunity to register their children.

Student Supports and Interventions

Please continue to be cooperative and collaborative in working together for our students who need extra help. Please understand that our support teachers have large case loads and limited time to work with our students. Working together for our students' success is paramount. Thank you for your flexibility, collegiality and cooperation as schedules have had to change over the last few weeks based on student needs and case load changes.