Exit Tickets & Informal Assessments

Explore Tried and True Strategies for Informal Assessment


Finding out what your students understand can feel like pulling teeth. Check out these tried and true resources for "Checking for Understanding".

53 Ways to Check For Understanding- Here Are Our Favorites!!!!

Summary Poem Activity
  • List 10 Key Words from an assigned text.
  • Do a free verse poem with the words you highlighted.
  • Write a summary of the reading based on the words you highlighted.

So What? Journal

  • Identify the main idea of the lesson. Why is it important?


  • Explain the main idea using an analogy


  • Create an ad, with visuals and text, for the newly learned concept.

Muddy Moment:

  • What frustrates and confuses you about the text, Why?

Talk Show Panel:

  • Have a cast of experts debate the finer points of _______________________.

Double Entry Notebook:

  • Create a two-column. Use the left column to write down 5-8 important quotations. Use the right column to record reactions to the quotations.

Twitter Post:

Define_____________ in under 140 characters.

Top 10 List:

  • What are the most important takeaways, written with humor?

Misconception Check:

  • Given a common misconception about a topic, students explain why they agree or disagree with it.

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