Mind & Meditation - Free !

June 1st. Hightstown NJ

Our lives are a result of the thoughts in our mind.

How can we make this law work for us so we can create the lives we want ?

June 1st 1-2 p.m. Hightstown Library

An internationally acclaimed seminar based on innovative breathing techniques that can reduce stress and heighten mental clarity and awareness. The seminar integrates modern methods with ancient wisdom to help individuals lead a more fulfilling and productive life. The techniques and processes introduced during the seminar are easy to learn and practice, improving human performance in the workplace, creating a greater sense of commitment and team unity, improved relationships, and enhancing overall quality of life.

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In the MIND & MEDITATION session we will learn about the laws that govern our minds, understand how meditation can be a key tool to help us leverage this fact, and learn how we can more easily tap into the benefits of meditation by using our breath.

Workshop includes:

  • An interactive talk focusing on breathing techniques that release stress and heighten mental clarity and awareness.
  • Experience inner peace through yoga and meditation
  • The tendencies of the mind
  • Sources of energy
  • The science & secrets of breath
  • Nature of stress
  • Benefits of breathing techniques
  • Experience Meditation and more