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What is Aerobatics?

Aerobatics is maneuvers in which an aircraft is flown under precise control. This sport started at the end of World War one.War planes like jets were used for aerobatics.The first official aerobatic competition started in Europe.For more than 90 years people have been doing tricks in the air.

The Planes

Any airplane that is highly maneuverable could be used for aerobatics.The aircraft used in competitive aerobatics are usually piston-engined with reinforced construction and have a high power-to-weight ratio.They also have a wing that develops lift in either up right or inverted flight,and fuel and oil that will also operate when inverted.One of the most famous airplane used for aerobatics is the Stearman Model 75 as shown to the left.
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Competition Formats

In an aerobatic competition, each pilot is required to fly a number of individual sequences of aerobatic figures, which are scored by a panel of judges.Pilots perform their sequences in the “aerobatic box,” an imaginary cube of airspace whose sides measure 1,000 meters (3,300 feet), with a minimum lower safety limit below which pilots may not fly. Penalties are imposed for flying outside or below these limits. A pilot is expected to perform each sequence correctly, accurately, and precisely, and further penalties are assessed when any kind of error is made.

Judges and Scores

Each judge allocates a mark from 0 through 10,10 being perfect for each figure of a sequence.Given the number of competitors likely to contest a World Aerobatic Championship (perhaps 100) together with the number of sequences to be flown (three or four per pilot) and the need to allow for weather delays, a period of two weeks must be allocated to conduct a modern world championship. This means that the format does not readily lend itself to spectator interest, despite the fine technique of the performers and the beauty of the aircraft they fly.